Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I came as a visitor a couple of times this week..
to my own blogsite..
and I liked it..

Have you ever visited your blog ..
looked through the archive as a stranger..
read the comments..

Well that is how I felt..
''this used to be a nice blog..
and why is it left.. alone..'' I would say if I didn't know deep inside it is mine..
th person who is in charge of writing and publisihing and creating is ME...

Then I visited some of my friends.. let us say most of them..
without leaving any message.. any comment..
I have read and left tiptoe..
I loved again each one ..of their posts..

Then .. following a sudden impuls..
I have started to prepare the laptop bag.. crafting..
Let me knock the wood.. Iwill let you know when finished.. if I finish..

but waiting for this..
we can watch a video..
the title is..
it is how we play basketball in Istanbul..

Lebron Yigit
Uploaded by firat

it is a video prepared for the NBA skills challenge..
and I really liked this..
have some.. sightseeing..
while I craft.............