Friday, September 29, 2006

knitting stories.. covered buttons.. and multipl use shawls

I love knitting.. because it is practical.. you can carry it with you everywhere.. you can knit while you chat..or watch tv..or listen to your children's learned poems.. and it is not messy.. you can leave as it is.. in a bag or basket.. it looks nice.. homely.. it adds warmth to your home decor..I learned knitting from my aunt..while I was a student at the university.. this was awkward because my mom was a talented knitter..and a teacher of handcrafts.. but she kept saying..''I teach at school.. I don't want to teach at home''.. so my aunt showed me when I went for a sleep-on visit to her.. back home.. I showed mom my new skill .. she screamed..

I did not know there were different styles of knitting.. my aunt was passing the yarn around her neck and was wrapping it twice around her left index finger while knitting .. with this specific finger, hold upright..and I learned to do it the same way and did not know why my mother was screaming.. ''what is this.. are you going to put your finger into people's eye.. leave this I will show you'' .. and she did.. and she always kept an eye on me.. she told me .. you have to hold the needles close to your body.. and to not move those hands in wide motions.. she kept on saying ''this is a very disturbing sight..think of the others..''.. and she kept on criticising..until the day I hold my needles in a perfect.. esthetical way..well upto my mother's point of view..

these are blurred photos of my hands...and I didn't pose for them.. my daughter took them with the camera of my phone.. last winter.. and as I tought they were appropriate and natural..I used them in this mail.. instead of a new one... and here is a side view..

I was knitting finally.. and esthetically... and I was happy that she was my mother.. and not my teacher..
and one day a friend of her called me and proposed me to accompany her to the yarn outlet where she was planning to go ..
when we came back.. mom screamed again.. at the view of my huge yarn stock..
those days.. (in 1978 I believe) I bought Elle magazine and they were editing a fiche-tricot.. each month .. kind of tear-off and keep files.. on one side there was the photo.. and at the back the pattern of a knitted item.. so sad I have let them go after keeping them for nearly 20 years.. but I do remember most of the models.. because I have knitted them.. starting from a big long coat.. knitted in a heavy yarn.. and I remember there was a design of life-tree on both sides and arms.. it was long up to my ankles..
mom .. after screaming.. warned me.. waving her index finger under my nose.. (the way she told me what not to do while knitting..) that I should not ask her the smallest question about the pattern.. and I didn't.. I sat in my armchair.. readingthe pattern .. understanding.. applying.. for days.. I was aware that.. she was going in.. getting out..passing near me.. and I was aware also that ..she was mad at me because I did not ask any question to her... and she was not able to wave that finger again and saying this.. mother's 'I told you'..
I did the finishing.. and wearing it.. and made a catwalk in the house..before going out with friends.. I was successful.. and I was a keen knitter..

I always do that..if I will start something new.. or try something I never did before.. I start with the biggest project available..if it is painting.. I start by the tallest sideboard in the house.. if I have to sew it is valenced and interlined sofisticated long curtains for the living room..
knitting as I said a maxi-length coat..

I have a confession to make though.. while I was wearing it.. my coat became longer..longer.. and at the end of the winter.. I was stepping on the edges of the coat.. I had knit lots of things until then.. and mom assured that she would not be disturbed by my new addiction.. and also proud of me.. told me that if.. I knit a long and heavy project I have to knit the yarn..together with a same coloured sewing thread.. so that it stays in shape.. and does not elongate up to infinity.. that was an important trick..and still is..

when I became a doctor in a general practitioner.. I went to work in Anatolia by myself..I had my own home.. was not married.. therefore was not overwhelmed by responsabilities.. and I had a close friend living near to my house.. and we were knitting together..after work.. but we had a problem.. it was before the internet days..and we couldn't find any pattern book at the bookstore.. and the hand knitted fashion was out..therefore we started to design our knits.. I remember a black turtleneck pull-over worn by one of the ladies of a serial on TV.. there was bead sequin embroideries in black and white of silhouettes of flying birds wings on it.. those wavy shapes were looking gorgious.. I liked it so much that I knitted something very much similar..the with a new courage.. we started to knit everything.. we were making the pattern of our printed skirts.. and created two piece combinations.. and I developped a skill to look at something and knit the same well with some personal additions and modifications ..without the need of a real pattern..
now I prefer small projects.. because I am not my mom's daughter anymore.. because the luxury of the golden age of being the daughter of the house doesn't exist anymore.. I am the mother in person..which means..I am the finger waving .. 'I told you' screaming lady.. and now I know this is a serious time consuming I prefer small projects.. painting birdhouses.. and knitting shawls.. sewing caddies..

this one is my automn..pancho-cum-shawl.. I saw on a vey chic a cafe.. her's had a tooth shaped button and the pattern was somewhat different .. I prefered to try one of those victorian crochet covered buttons..I love the result.. because it blends in so well with the patterns nodes..I can wear it buttoned.. as a pancho.. or unbuttonned as a shawl..or wear it aroud my neck.. as a neckwarmer.. because it is very sotf.. Ieven can wear it on my head.. twisting around my neck and becomes a nice warm do you like it..well I can give descriptions of button covering and the knitting if anyone wants.. anytime..

this weekend..I will finish my pink fluffy project.. the knitting is already needs to be assembled ..embellished.. and presented to the owner..and you..enjoy your weekend ladies..happy crafting..

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

the details of the necklace..

I think I start to understand blogger.. when I upload the photos first.. and write the text next.. he lets me upload as much as I want.. if I do the reverse.. nyet..
here are some details of my byzantine neckace..
I cut the corduroy same shape.. twice.. .. design the beads and pieces places.. as I do.. and when I finish the embellishment.. I put an interlining.. and I hand sew the two pieces together.. this way the back is very neat.. especially like it on white T-shirt..

have a nive crafting day..

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

chaos.. and order..of crafting

I was.. in the craft room.. and was glueing those torn pages from magazines and so.. you know those ''ideas I like'' pages.. of every origine.. colour combination ideas..craft ideas.. decoration ideas.. and I noticed the writing on the cover of the notebook I choose..
chaos was the law of the nature.. order was the dream of man(or woman in my state) ..
I try to keep under control all the knick-knack I bring home.. the magazine torn-offs and the ''on-purpose shopping'' left aside.. there are so many things that I bring home without even noticing..thrift shop.. arts and crafts shop.. dollar shop.. fabric shop.. bookshop..I can't pass bye.. and gifts.. friends.. who know that I like purple.. I like crafting.. knitting and worst of all recycling.. bring me things old..unused.. or over-used things.. uninspiring for other people..treasure for me.. I am a project creator.. a monster.. I can easily see the outcome or decide how-to the re-use material.. and if only my hands were as speedy as my mind.. I would be a great crafter.. but as I usually thing about-but do not find time to realise them.... I become a clutter-maker.. remember the dirty boy charactere from Snoopy .. in one of the cartoons.. he was standing by the sideway and he was newly-washed..very clean.. and just standing there.. in each sequence of the cartoon he got dirty.. no comment..I feel like him.. I sit down quitely.. and behind my back.. some material are crawling into my house and finding their way up into my room.. scary feeling.. I sometimes don't even have time to range them properly.. and when I think I have time to work on a project.. I don't have any empty surface craft on.. or I never find the specific material that I need.. this is not procrastination.. this isn't cluttering.. I don't know the expression of this state.. but this is my state.. find-buy-take home-range-find-buy-take.. ooh..I want to stop this vicious circle.. I want to do things.. to craft..
one of the projects on my mind was to cover this book.. but I think I should better use it this way.. at least.. it will show me that I am natural.. and human.. and that order is a dream.. and accept to have a persistent chaos in my workspace..and stop to constantly try to range it ..
well of course.. sometimes I stop moaning..and ranging.. take my things..go to the living room..and I do things.. this is a finished one.. I bought nothing for this project.. the fabric is an old corduroy skirt of my daughter.. all the beads.. corals mother of pearl came from old broken necklaces.. the crocheted flowers are made from remnants of yarn.. and mother of pearl buttons from an old shirt.. I call it my Byzantine necklace.. because it reminds me of the chubby gold necklaces .. with precious stone insets.. that I saw on the old Byzantine fresks and mozaics..and I think it is very precious.. because it is done..completed in the middle of a chaos..
I wanted to upload a close up ..but blogger doesn't want me to.. in another post..maybe.. until then the only available photo is this.. and you.. under which conditions do you succeed to finish your projects??

Monday, September 25, 2006

sunday life..heart warmers

we woke up to a sunny sunday.. o joy.. but opening the garden's door.. for an early silent morning coffee..I noticed that the sun is just a show.. it is like a smile.. from an unknown person.. it heats your heart.. but nothing comparable to the summer sun which warms you up like good friend's hug..
my small garden looked very happy though.. all he dust gethered on the leaves..were washed off.. and shiny bright wet gree leaves.. soo beautiful..

but as the day went on started to get really chilly.. the best thing I can think to warm the house and the stomacs is a home made soup.. I read a lot of cooking instructions on the net.. but I have never met the red lentil soup that we make here.. and it is a healty food ..vegetal protein.. antioxidants..and fibre..with a good portion of vit.B and A..

here it is.. 1 cup of red lentil.. half cups of each of rice and couscous..

put them in a pan..and place an onion .. in the middle..
fill the pan with water.. add a sall quantity of olive oil ( or make a mixture of three oils.. olive oil/seed oil(soja..sunflower..or corn seed oils).. and hazelnut oil in same quantities.. and use it for all your cookings).. add some salt..when it starts to boil..add some tomato paste..
and some potato..
when it is cooked.. add some parsley and blend it so that the mixture becomes homogene..
if the consistency is too dense.. you can add some more boiling water.. to your taste..and we like it served with some hot chili powder.. and in the beloving company of the family..
It is the Ramadan period now..and sunday was the first day.. musulmans are fasting from sunset to dawn .. I am not a good praticant.. and I don't faste..but enjoy some special pastries that are sold only during Ramadan.. pide is one of them.. this one didn't survive much.. when I brougt it home.. I took a picture of it.. thinking that it could be nice to show you and the moment after my kids stepped in the kitchen and.. by bye pide.. everyone missed it..they could not even wait for the soup being ready..
I also want to mention something interesting I read on the newspaper today.. another heart warmer happening..the municipalities are having different activities during Ramadan and also invitations for the iftar.. which is the dinner time at dawn.. the Patriarch of the Eastern Armenian Orthodox Church .. who said that fasting is as cristian as musulman.. so he would faste too during this month of Ramadan..
and he went to the dinner of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality .. and he he joined some burocrats for this dinner .. ooo I like people very much when they make an effort for the wellbeing of humanity.. for peace and for union..

my pink fluffy project is going well..I thing I will show in a day or two.. have a nice ..peaceful .. crafty week..

Saturday, September 23, 2006

it is raining..autumn coming..

it is raining.. in Istanbul..
it is is torrential.. I'm happy I am home.. the traffic must be awful..I made my tea.. =)and my children's tea is ready too.. with some.. filo sheet pastries.. ( we call them cigarette rolls.. because they are thin and crisp)
and reading my favorite blogs.. afterwards I gonna start to knit again.. remember the pink yarn I have started knitting it.. even finished a piece of it..and I desiged something.. we shall see..
what are doing??

Thursday, September 21, 2006

about the coat challenge.. and new acquired goodies

Alicia started a coat challenge.. well not a real one maybe.. a quasi-challenge.. and I loved her coats.. I love coats.. and I left her a message yesterday..that I am in.. but I was far too ambitious.. the weather is fine in here.. and I did not take my coats out still.. and after work.. couldn't find the time nor the energy to take them out from the closet..and from the dustcovers.. and take photos.. cover them again and range them back to the closet.. big work.. so in a few days Alicia ..this seems to be a the weekend post..
but I have taken some other photos today..
I have to show you a motivating pile of magazines on my coffee table.. ''In Style's'' turkish edition..September issue.. to learn about the fashion- trends for winter.. and to have an idea about the choice of colours.. and I heard that knitted extra-large pulls and very interesting neck warmers.. a bit baroque-style are in we have to take a look at these.. ''Super'' a shopping magazine ..for people who don't have the time to window shop .. it is a comparative fashion magazine.. with prices and trademarks of all kind of outfits.. the third.. ''Evim'' is the house version of it.. home accessories.. furniture.. textile.. so you can windowshop at home.. and looking at fashion magazines makes easy the choice of models.. and also organizing your shopping and your existant wardrobe.. this is important as I have to get dressed properly to go to work every day.. even doctors are first of all women.. aren't they.. and the last one is a turkish knitting magazine.. ''Nako''..this company produces hand-knitting yarns and is publishing seasonal knitting magazine .. especially this fall issue pleased me a lot..and it is full of these sorbet colours that I like so much this year..throws.. baby blankets.. sweaters.. I have already chosen some .. and put them on my to-do list yesterday.. while walking in a hurry to te bookstore.. to buy some more school materials for the kids ( this is the routine during the first week at school.. they both call me at work.. when they come home from school.. and read me a full list of needed materials for specific lessons.. ) I was trespassing a small shop of crafts necessities.. and I saw the newly arrived.. yarn.. couldn't walk away.. could you.. colour.. pink.. strawberry pink.. and it has a fun texture..

see a close-up.. it is curly.. and so soft to touch.. well I needed it.. I am not a pink person.. but fortunately I have a daughter.. a pink lady.. this will be for her.. I still don't know what?? but sure I will find a pattern to use it I was in.. I noticed this lace and the ribbon.. perfect for my ongoing lamp-embellishment project.. the colour is the same as my craft-nest's wall colour.. and you see the crochet.. who can resis this colour.. I like to use bright coloured knitting needles.. have to spoil yourself sometimes.. well often.. always..=)..
see the beads.. these are a modern version of the traditional amulets in Turkey.. I think they are very decorative..they are made of porcelain.. they have big holes.. just to go through the tassels.. and they will embellish something.. I still don't know what?? a cushion..a bag..I remember once.. I was invited to a Feng -Shui seminary.. the speaker was a man from Israel.. and before Feng Shui.. he made a speech about evil eyes.. which is a worldwide belief..and talismans and amulets..about the reasons and the ethnic explanation of this belief and local differences.. it was interesting..he told us that .. in the countries where the population had mostly.. dark hair-dark brown eyes.. like my country..the persons who had blue eyes were considered as a potential evil-eye.. and local people would use to prevent their possible effect eye motifs .. blue beads.... wall colours.. I'll never forget.. the anectode about a local belief that he told .. these people were painting their walls blue.. sky blue.. because God and Heaven are up in sky.. so blue is a symbol of goodness.. and evil lives under the earth.. and as evil spirits enter your room.. and see the blue walls they believe tey have come to heaven and fear so much they go beck down the earth.. and he finisheb this anectode saying.. these evil spirits are not only evil.. but stupid as well.. he was an amusing man..
he also added that if we did go to northern countries.. where blue-eyed people were the majority.. this time the belief would be that people with dark eyes may have evil-effects.. vice-versa.. he also had a slide show of amulets of different ages and countries.. even some remnants from the Vikings.. before that speech I never knew so much about it..
as a medical doctor.. and a positive sciencist.. I don't rely on amulets.. but they may be very decorative.. and if they provide some protection.. why should I refuse =))

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

nessie.. patchwork.. and books..

no.. I am not this kind of woman.. the kind who laments all day.. a victorian character.. I am mostly a joyfull and a pleasure-maker..taker.. of life.. seeing the good in the bad.. seeing the fullversus empty..don't misunderstand me.. taking credit from my earlier posts..
well the world may have problems.. big ones.. but we have one life to live.. and enjoy.. sooo
so from now on.. you will see the real me.. well maybe from time to time I may get a bit sentimental but forgive..I am a human.. no??
do you know Nessie.. the one from LochNess.. I have fancies about her.. I fancy about..wearing a cream coloured aran pull.. corduroy trousers.. riding a bicycle.. on those narrow roads .. between those rock walls and green fields.. meeting those sheeps.. in the scottish country side.. and going to this specific lake.. where Nessie waits for me.. well I know it is a do-able fancy but..if Nessie doesn't show up.. I will feel sorry..
this is what I said to my neurologist friend who went for a medical congress to Glasgow.. she asked me if I wanted something from her to bring this trip.. and I answered
''tell Nessie to wait for me''
she looked up at my face.. she was surprised.. and I explained her.. you don't have to surprise neurologs.. they can put easily a label on you.. and write one of those funny psychological diagnose.. and it will be hard to take it off.. so I explained.. this is a childhood dream.. and she returned yesterday.. she brought me a present.. Nessie in a glass globe.. Nessie wearing a kilt and that cute hat.... holding a gaida.. rolling eyes..and on the globe there is a trifoil .. reminds me of St. Patrick.. doesn't it..
my daughter(12).. wanted to take it and keep it in her room with the small accessories she collects.. but I fighted over Nessie.. and said.. mothers have the right to be childish as well.. so I am the proud owner of this globe.. in my craft room.. in company of my violet patterned egg. and clock.. my little treasures..
to recouncil with her.. I helped my daughter to cover her books and notebooks.. here are the piles.. of covering-paper.. and was hard work..
she learns english and french at school.. she is a well educated little lady...
I love it when she talks to me in french.. bonjour maman..ooh I love it .. and sometimes it makes us trouble - free ..for example we went shopping a few days ago.. and I showed her a pullover I thought she would like.. and she responded.. ''c'est moche'' can we translate it as '' it stinks''.. =S well at least the shop-lady did not understand..
and my son learns these two languages as well he is 16.. and his english is fluent..much better then my daughter.. but a few days ago.. my daughter was complaining about a problem on her computer.. and my son said..
you can download a patch.. from the internet.. do you know what is patch??..
she answered very calmly....
I know .. it is ''yama'' ..
he was so surprised.. said
'' well done.. how do you know it..
she said..
from patchwork..
you had to see my son's face..soo puzzled.. patchwork.. I never heard.. what is it??..
hey hey to my crafting .. craft lover daughter.. I'm sure she will be like me..

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

P is for..longevity

'' thank you Sandy''

I really don't know if I will be able to tell what goes my heart and soul.. because I am not sure if my english vocabulary is sufficiant for this.. nor my turkish vocabulary too..
this could be a short post.. saying.. look what the postman brought to me.. and look at these details.. and how the butterflies are looking alive.. and how Sandy is a wonderful person ( and she is for sure ) .. that she is so attentive to details.. look at these small rose.. coloured beads.. and the choice of the ribbon.. and a personal message she wrote to me.. and these heartwarming small tea packages she hid in the box..and how the P went well with my mother's glasses.. on her tray..and put the photos.. and this could be it..
but there are far more things I want to say..
my first post's title was.. it started with a P .. it started with the photo of a monogram embroidery on a linen towel.. and I liked it so much that I asked the permission of posting it on my turkish blog.. because my name was starting with a P.. well.. we all do such things.. start a conversation.. ask a favor to totally unknown people.. we are not expecting something unusual to happen.. we just do it spontaneously..
but.. what occured from this conversation is.. friendship..
because.. we shared similar feelings.. about persons.. objects.. past times.. families.. we went on mailing each other.. and in one of her mails Sandy announced me.. she wanted to send the P to me..
reacting just like a child .. taken aback.. I closed all the windows.. and turned off the PC in a hurry.. My husband looked up at me and said.. you look weard.. what happened??
I answered' Sandy wants to send it' to me.. of course he understood what I ment.. because it was one the new main subject in our house.. at dinner times.. when we gether at the table.. me husband.. my daughter (12) and son(16) .. we start a conversation about what happened during the day.. and we have talked already about the P .. about Sandy's kind answer.. about my starting a blog in english.. and about the feelings as well..
thay day.. when I received the post.. I even left the house ( it was a sunday) and did not come back until very late in the evening.. before going to bed I looked at my mail again.. yes it was there.. it was real..
I did notwrite an answer.. not that evening.. but later.. eplaining the reason of the delay and saying an enthousiastic YES .. I WOULD LİKE TO HAVE İT.. SO MUCH..
you can ask yourself.. what is so awkward.. hey is this woman over-reacting.. is she nuts??
well no.. this is something you don't live every day.. this is not like a swap.. this is not an ordered gift.. you are waiting for.. this is not something you asked for.. this is some beautiful lady's beautiful mind you see.. behind this proposal.. and it is so shocking..
because..we all have people we love.. people we grove with.. people who love us.. and they make gifts to us.. they know us as we do know them.. sometimes.. and they try to spoil us.. facilitate our lives.. try to make it smoother for you.. we do the same for them..
but after a long time.. these behaviours do not surprise us.. not anymore.. .. when I am down .. I know one of my girlfriends will be there and propose me a dinner.. a pijama - party.. a small present.. my favourite coffee.. lots of tissues.. and they make me feel better at once.. provide comfort..this is acquired.. with time..
the emotions that started after Sandy's post is completely different..
you don't know the person.. (well I do a little bit better.. cause I have been reading her blog for a while.. but she doesn't).. it is just a mail or two.. and she offers you something.. which even from a photo.. took you years back.. to days when you were still your mother's daughter.. loved and protected..and approved.. as no other person than a mother can make you feel like..
Sandy made me miss her.. think about her behaviours just before her death.. in such a natural way..
I am nearly 50 yrs old.. and for a long time now.. I thought I understood that friendship requires.. hard work.. we don't do friends.. in minutes.. friends are tried and tested.. during life's journey.. some stay.. some go away.. remember the novel the little prince.. the part I loved most was the part where the prince meets the fox and they try to become friends.. remember what the fox said.. about rememberances.. missing someone.. if you don't.. you have to read the book again..
in these modern days.. people are living in big crowded cities.. but they are lonelier then ever.. everywhere you can read about security announces.. do not tell your adress or any personal information to strangers.. do not meet people in isolated places.. do lock the doors of your house of your car.. do not park in dark parking places.. do not this .. do not that.. and at the end.. we end living alone.. maybe more secure.. but insecure inside.. people around are our mirrors.. they show us.. who we are.. really.. what is the reaction we create.. as we live alone.. surrounded just by a few people in whom we thrust.. we become strangers to ourselves as well.. who are we..
what are our capabilities.. we are not sure about this at all.. and we become shy-er.. and more aggressive.. because we don't exchange energies and thoughts.. with other people.. we have started to fade out.. we lack life-energy.. we are looking at the TV.. at all the people dying in wars.. being murdered.. children dying of hunger.. mothers dying of AIDS.. people trying to leave their homeland.. chased after.. and we zap.. when was the last time you had tears in your eyes.. for someone you don't know.. which is even not from your country..
I believe this is hard for humans.. empathy is not just a word.. it is a feeling.. it is being able to put yourself at the place of someone else.. and try to find out what he feels.. and feelings are so important.. they can end lives.. they can start wars.. or peace.. love affairs..
I am sure we feel inside this lack of life-energy.. we have the input-data.. but no outward reaction.. why do you think so many people are trying to learn this eastern zen attitude.. and the reiki.. which are all based upon finding your own energy.. and making it work in harmony with the world's energy.. because.. we are not able to connect.. with our nearest neighbour.. who is left to us but ourselves.. so we go fetching our energy..inside..
no I refuse.. I prefer the energy of other people.. when they are down.. I will provide them.. when I am down.. I will take from them.. we will be in synchronization.. this is what human need.. we are social.. we need each other.. to get to know ourselves..
when I was learning to knit.. I showed my mother my work.. and she told me wether it was good or no.. one day.. she told me you have done it.. you mastered the art and maybe you do it better then me.. but I kept on showing her.. she always.. looked at my work.. then back to my face.. and then she smiled slowly.. a small smile.. not a bright big one like those of the advertorials.. a warm .. small smile.. and I felt approved.. after a few months of her death.. I finished knitting a sweater for my son.. with a horse head in the front.. I passed the wool under each stich so there were no lagging wool on the underside.. I asked to my husband.. did you like it.. he looked from the corner of his eye.. and said yeah.. he didnot see the detail.. I went on explaining him.. how hard it was to knit it that way.. how you can do it wrong.. and then I said.. you have to listen to this .. mama is dead.. and I don't know to whom I can show it.. but I have to..if I knit.. I have to interact.. why do you thing there are so many crafters and bloggers.. we want to create.. and interact..
while starting this post .. I wondered if I could be able to find appropriate words to write this.. but I fear now I wrote too long..
well.. what I mean is.. we have achieved something with Sandy.. we have connected our feelings.. we have exchanged our thoughts and energy .. this isn't just a package she send and I recieved.. this is an infusion of beautiful feelings..
on one of the tea packages.. it is written..longevity..
well I hope Sandy.. no.. I am sure Sandy.. that our's is a friendship .. ( even though we don't know small details abour ourselves).. and that it will go on for a long time.. predicted by this word..
I love you.. and I thank you.. for making me think again about all this human life details.. and maybe.. I will say hello.. often and louder and smile more to people around me.. and .. I will be more responsive to their needs.. and they will.. in return.. because I feel less worried now.. about
the worlds fate.. and life being so lonely.. because we did it..

Monday, September 18, 2006

2 cupcakes.. and coffee..monday morning

Home alone.. shool bus took away my children .. DH gone too.. and I have to get ready to go to work.. but not before you have a morning coffee.. and some cakes..

The rectangular one is my creation..I have never seen any in that shape.. when I finished it.. I understood why nobody makes them.. it is not as sympathetic as the classical muffin shape..

but I am quite pleased with the one with a strawberry .. my daughter described it.. chocolate cake..vanilla cream and strawberry on top .. I didn't have a pattern to make the tho make the strawberry .. tried to figure aout ..I made 3 triangular pale pink/dark pink mixed wool triangles and sew them together.. and refilled it to give the shape.. then a small green stalk.. it came out nice.. even DH said.. ''this is .. a strawberry'' when I showed him..normally he can never tell what it is.. and makes me nervous..

these aren't particularly suitable for me.. they are gifts.. I plan something more vintage ( colour and style ) one for myself.. I like to use sewing needles books to store my needles.. and maybe I can make one with an embelished as a cover .. like an altered book but soft and stuffed with fibre.. so that I can use it as a pincushion.. I hesitate .. if it will be comfortable to use or not.. any ideas..

Saturday, September 16, 2006

in the love of autumn flame

I have always wanted to have lupins.. in my garden.. but it is too shady for many times I have tried.. and no flower.. just leaves which are beautiful themselves.. but soon they get yellowish.. and fade..

and there is a redlupin garden blog.. when I found her site.. I did not know wether to enjoy her garden or her decorations..

and she had a bright idea.. and invited.. bloggers .. to take photos of their candle-lit gardens.. and mail today..

so last evening.. when it went dark.. I lit the candles one by one.. I had a strange feeling though.. as if I was making a wish.. and I decided it was a fine time ..

to make a wish.. while lighting the autumn flame..

so I wish peace and love for the humanity..

and wisdom for all leaders of the world..

and health for all of us..

and creative season for all crafters..

It was cool outside so I went inside and it looked as if I had fallen stars in my garden..

I let my candles lit.. all the night..

they faded away one by one..

and when the last one was dark..

I felt as if my wishes were accepted..

thank you redlupin for this serenity.. I owe it to you..

Friday, September 15, 2006

a room to your own..or my craft room..almost finished..

I feel that I will not be able to finish this room..or start crafting again if I don't write this post.. this is a motivating post to myself..
when we moved in this house 4 years ago.. we did a long.. hard.. restoration and re-designing.. we changed the place of some partition walls.. creating a new lay-out.. that would suit better our life style..with one exception..
at the second floor there were 3 bedrooms.. and a balcony..I wanted to join this balcony.. to the room.. because we already had a small town garden..but my DH resisted to the idea..he wanted to use it .. what for?? morning breathing exercises.. =}
last year .. the balcony never being used.. but cleaned twice a week.. I decided to fit sliding windows..and use it as a small closed-balcony.. sort of a green house.. at least it would be.. cleaner.. and warmer.. and then it turned out into a small craft room..I don't have enough place to store my stuff in here .. but as I already have a good closet system in the basement for these.. and not enough light to do my crafts .. I needed a place to sit by my own.. crafting.. and when needed.. I could leave the half project.. without anyone disturbing it.. (or it.. disturbing anyone..)
I did the painting.. I hesitated between aqua and pistachio.. made some trials..and choose a flashy pistachio green..there was not too much place to paint as half of the walls are nothing but windows.. so I did it in one day.. first coat in the morning.. and second coat in the evening.. during the summer it coordinates with the garden.. I have a big pear tree just in front of this balcony.. and the branches are so close.. that I feel as if I can reach them.. the light filters between the leaves..and during the winter.. at the grey light of the day.. it will stay joyful I hope ..
the green makes it look rather like an aquarium..
I recently finished the decoration such as.. the task - lights ..the carpet..the throws and cushions..and it turned out to be a cream/pistachio room with a hint of aqua blue and violet accessories.. the accessorial colours.. were determined.. by the striped pillow..
my armchair.. is a small sized but ergonomic one.. it was my bedroom armchair when we first got married..I have it re-cover in a cream damasc fabric..the side table and the standing lamp are from Ikea.. nostalgic looking and cream..and not so expensive.. what else can I want.. thank you Ikea..with the addition of a cushion .. and throw..nice place to read.. or look at magazines.. even write posts to my blog(s)..
the depth of the place is not much.. and I choose a folding table..fixed to the wall.. I open it when I use my sewing machine.. or my small iron board.. or when I will do these altered art pieces.. or ATC's.. the rest of the time it stays closed.. very effective when place is so limited..
the table embellished by me.. it is an ongoing project.. the shade was so simple.. I glued some silk peonies..and now am planning to add some lace.. maybe a fringe of reflect the light.. the message board is recycling.. of a frame and an old machine quilted bedcover.. and ribbons..I still have remnants.. to make a sewing machine cover.. and a sewing and knitting..tool-caddy..
I only have two small plants..Tyllandsia cyanea.. on the windowsill..
the drawer-box.. doesn't really belong's my ribbon box.. I organized the drawers.. but as the land-lady ( me .. who??) is dis-organized.. it didn't go back to it's the basement..take a close look at my pitcher.. found in the antique shop.. a real bargain.. because of a crack at the lipping part..but it will be unseen when filled in with flowers..the violet colour of the flowers and the aqua blue of some of the leaves.. attracted me so much I couldn't leave it behind..
there are some more..detail photos.. of other small accessories..but blogger doesn't upload them.. so I will show them another day..
I hope .. now that I finally have a place to craft.. that summer laziness is over.. and that I have even blogged about it I will start to craft again.. I mean start on my list of to-do and to-try.. and do it on a daily basis.. have a nice weekend..
me?? this weekend ..I hope I will finish this room's last details.. and will be here with photos..on monday.. =)