Friday, December 19, 2008

too many things..

are going on in here..


we had the celebration..

and we have been out of town with the family..

for a few days..

and the new year is approaching..


here are the backstage hints..

S3700075 S3700074

S3700073 S3700083

S3700084 S3700085

S3700057 S3700016 S3700051 mısır ekmegi2 S3700006 S3700001          S3700007PC103238n


it will be a short post.. too many things to do..

can’t even visit the blogs..

all these and more.. are processed..

gifts.. knits.. painting.. sewing .. travelling..

I’ll write about  the most important part …

I was planning a small surprise.. see the

for a blogger friend..

and while I was making the package..

the postman brought me her Xmas card..

we call it..

kalp kalbe karşı.. “  heart towards heart”..

we have had the same idea.. at the same time..


thank you Britt.. =)

did I tell you that I love you..