Monday, October 20, 2008

vintage silk thread.. gold.. nylon ..



when I was at school.. the english textbooks started with some sample dialogs..

-what is this?

-this is a book .

this dialog is still used as a joke among our generation.. on questionable occasions..

so I am asking now.. "what is this?"

of course you can see this is a shoebox...

but.. what is inside..??

inside my mother's silk embroidery threads as they were kept .. for the last  10 yrs something in a closet in my house.. while doing some upside downside tidying between the store-room and craft cum dressing room this weekend I have opened it..



I emptied all on the table.. what a mess..

I decided to range them by colour..

silk is a perfect material.. easy to disentangle but when in such a condition of course that it took some time.. there were some surprises though.. hidden in the box..

paper my mum used to wrap the threads she was using on a special project  in small parchment papers or small fabric parcels..




kalip ve motif when I smoothed one  these small packages.. I have found some embroidery mounted on the worn pattern for a blouse..

the patterns and the threads all together .. nice organization..




motif another one..







motif2 and a third one..







these are turkish embroidery patterns .. she used to teach this art.. and always said "I have the happiest profession..I am among  beautiful young students.. beautiful colours.. and beautiful materials.. what can a woman ask for  else.."

bu bez de ne while I was separating the different colours I have noticed something on a silk  fabric she used as a wrap..





o bile nakisli it came out as a small cut-out embroidery.. maybe a hankerchief with unfinished borders..





there were all sort of threads.. in all  kind of colours and forms.. some came in skeins she used to braid for easy use.. some as balls..

arada ne var  I even found a finished lace in between.. later I have found the thread she used to do it...





ya burda ne var and also a crocheted green  flower .. isn't it as if it smiles to you.. between the dishevelled threads..=)




finally I have sorted all..



and noticed some even had their original tags.. turkish and european trademarks..

I remembered her spelling  dmc in french .. I believe they were high quality and  pretty expensive .. because she kept them apart and this was the only mark I have ever heard from her..


mosaic7336965there were some colour combinations braided together .. I remembered her..sitting straight at the table.. with her white cotton batiste cloth opened in front of her and  choosing the colour she wanted and separating it with her needle from the braid and pulling it apart .. then starting to make her art.. her skills talk for her..she choosed colours as a painter..she loved strong colours violets fuscias bright greens .. I can't say that she teached me how to do anything.. but I have watched her so many long hours.. sitting in front of her.. with my books to study.. that I have an engraved vision of her "embroidering"..

when I close my eyes.. I can "watch"  her as a movie in my mind.. every single movement she made .. as if she was sitting in front of me again..

now they are all sorted..

renkler2 the balls in their box..




renklerand the skeins and tresses ..separated according to thread type and colour and re-wrapped in the same papers and fabrics they used to..but in an order now.. I have a new black box.. bigger than the shoebox..


I have taken out some things out of course.. the green flower. the needle lace and some nylon bags..

bir define








gold the gold threads and the balls went to their own box.. they too are wrapped in their original papers to prevent them from "blackening" can you believe these are at least 20 yrs old..




and I also kept this one out...=)

naylon vintage olurmu do you think nylon bags can be vintage.. =D.. this must be from the 60's a mousse  stockinette bag..






ps1 there are more to come.. this was a treasure box =)..

ps2 ... these motifs can be used if you like and wish to.. they are my mum's gift to all the beautiful women.. who love beautiful colours and materials..

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

morning beauties..

morning hapiines


kids never grow..

he may be 18 now .. but he was just the same as he was three when he ran to the door yesterday evening and said.. you have a mail from abroad .. can I open it pleaaaaaaase.. he made me giggle..

he is chatting online with people from the other end of the world as his daily routine .. but he is excited when the postman brings in an envelop..  I mean a "decent envelop" with a hand written adress and real stamp and all ..not the printed labeled and printed postal sign kind of thing.. not an advertisment or.. a facture..

maybe the postman was excited too.. nowadays they do not delivers many of such envelops.. you know the "personal" kind .. =)

so  we went..the   mother  still in her shoes and trenchcoat.. and the two curious the lacey desk ..

I have decorated my desk for such occasions .. didn't I..

morning cofee morning hapiness

this exciting card was sent by my friend Britt, to celebrate my lacey desk.. and our frienship..

no there are no close-up photos .. I told you.. this is personal =P..but there are some other close-ups from the desk..

 pile of memo

I have made a small display of objects which make me smile on the desk..

my purple bowl and liliputian cloche.. reminding me of"being content with what one has"  ..

the mask magnet.. reminding me.. that smiles and tears are close to each other.. as close as good friends..

and the magnifier.. reminds me.. we can see everything  as big or as small as we desire.. 

the cover of the notebook..which  is an ancient world map.. reminding me.. the infinity  of world and time..

the small "nessie" snow ball.. reminds me of my childhood dreams..

and the little book of mum.. oh this hasn't to remind anything.. you never forget you are a mum..

and the small empty vase ..shows me that it is the vase which is important.. not it's being empty .. or full ..

and Britt.. your card has joined them ..Thank You.. =)..reminding me.. that real frienship has nothing to do with being far away or many more differences.. it is an absolute notion.. in itself..


why is this post's title is "morning" beaties.. it is because.. I confess.. I have opened the card at the evening.. but have taken the photos in the morning.. re-reading my card.. and  having morning cofee and some cinnamon apple cake..

Friday, October 10, 2008

small things that make....



my  dear friend Britt-Arnhild's comment made me smile..

I wrote yesterday  that I had some cut outs hidden in my organizer..

one of them is.. the following..

"those who travel a lot.. may not be aware that they develop an estrangement..

this means being surrounded by a standart hotel room environment which shows  little differences from place to place,  as an ongoing lifestyle, drives the person in an unhappy and uncomfortable mood..

the interaction between a person and the environment is very important for daily life performances..

working and resting  and all the similar activities are related to the atmosphere of the place where the person is . 

at the place where we live permanently, there are many details that make us comfortable and reminds us where we belong ..  these make this place special for us..
that is why , as a frequently travelling person, I  put some very personal objects in my luggages first of all..

and in the hotel room I display them on the table .. as soon as I come in..

this corner of the table becomes me.. and the objects  sustain my relation with Myself..

it's the objects that do not let us.. forget about.. moments.. affections .. memories.. the past in all its authenticity  and undeniable purity..
fahrettin aykut.. architect.."


I had this cut out for years.. that is why I smiled.. I do this when I travel.. Britt says she does it too..

have a wonderful trip to india Britt.. and don't forget  take  a small part of home.. with you..

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

wednesday dissertation : private heaven on earth.....


I have a blog in turkish.. the link is on the right.. for whoever would like to have a look.. I talk about this and that and all.. and a group wonderful readers.. friends.. do come to visit me..leaving profound comments and sometimes pushing me to think from another point of view..

yesterday I was not in the mood to add a post.. but knowing they are waiting for one.. /yes I am proud to say this.. if I don't post alarmed.. I am such an organized blogger over there.. hope I will be in this blog as well/ I added a paragraph I have read a long time ago.. from an interview with a turkish writer.. buket uzuner..

she was describing her small office.. lots of books on the bookshelves.. tables on which to read and write.. armchairs for nesting..lots of photos of istanbul and NY.. a pc.. coffee machine.. mugs.. and she notes..

"this is private heaven on earth for me.. because there I have only Myself as company ..

it is a great liberty for a human being .. to own four walls.. to sit and look at.. the photos.. or nothing.. as long as he/she wants .. without having to do nothing for nobody..

being alone with her/himself is important for everyone.. but for me.. this is a Must..

coffee odour in the room.. chopin or bülent ortaçgil playing ..I can hear the voices of the flower and pastry street sellers..but they are all outside.. and I spend time in my writing place.. reading .. writing.. thinking .. by Myself..

if I could't do this.. I wouldn't be Me"... she said..

I had cut the magazine and hidden it inside my organizer.. and have read it from time to time.. yesterday I added this to my blog and asked to my blogger friends.. where is Your Private Heaven on Earth..

all woman bloggers described very detailed places.. some a kind of a cosy livingroom cum library.. some a craft room.. some even a place where they have been before and loved very much.. some the countryside..

a male friend.. answered.. " my secret garden is my own brain.. this is the only place which I own totally "..

my first reaction was feeling sorry for seems as though he feels uncomfortable in real life.. but then I thought..

lots of things.. and wrote today's atalet blog..

and I wanted to share in here too.. trying to summarize.. as it has become two posts on one day..

why do women first describe a perfect place for themselves.. and why man can simply retract into their brain .. is it because we woman don't slet them have or design any place at home .. or is it because they don't take care of the decoration for dreaming.. or what?? what was the reason.. for woman to describe a place reflecting order to be able to go to the same place as man =P .. into their own brain..

was it harder for women to concentrate or.. to dream.. are we all procrastinators??..

I am an avid reader of some newspaper column writers.. some are woman.. and some are working from home..I have read most of these ladies complaining about daily life problems intervening into their work.. such as their housemaids asking "what shall I cook for dinner.. I have to go to the super market.. or the washing machine is broken again .. shall I call the service" while they are in the middle of a very serious article..and they said.. I suspect male column writers having a similar problem..

at the hospital.. sometimes my kids call me while I am examining a patient to talk about something really simple.. and don't want to call later.. want to talk right away.. they have never done this to my husband..they have tried once.. but he resisted .. saying I don't want to be called for this kind of things.. I am a doctor.. I work.. and they obeyed.. not me.. I am doctor.. and I work..=P..

another woman feminist writer zeynep oral told once.. "even in the most democratic countries.. or places.. or couples.. life isn't "sharing equally" it is "dividing"..the responsabilities.. between the couples.."

and I agree.. I don't want to blame men for this..

the perfectionist and detailed way of thinking of women has its contribution in it .. can you expect from a man to understand why you are tidying up your bedroom too while you have only invited people over dinner.. =P..a man does this and changes the sheets under very different conditions than family receptions..=D a woman does it..often.. because she thinks.. if .. in case.. anyone suddenly faints or has to make an intimate phone call and needs to go in the bedroom..=P

and also our kids have a contribution in it .. I always used to send over my DH when our son was a baby and wept during the night.. he was a quiet little boy and just needed a gentle tapping to go back to sleep..and DH could do this.. It went on until the day.. my son rose up in the bed and asked for "mommyyyyy... not dadyyyyy"..

yes..of course kids have their rights and choices.. as well as DH's.. and family.. and close friends .. they have their rights .. and choices..

and we woman.. starting from the moment we wake up..we have to think about.. take care.. prepare.. organise.. things.. for our family life.. which I adore.. do not misunderstand my thoughts as complainings.. these are just observations.. dissertations..

and when someone asks women suddenly.. what could be heaven on earth for "yourself".. they are describing a tidy.. comfy.. beautiful.. feminine place.. with music they prefer.. and normally this is a place to "be alone".. and "do what You want" place.. they design a place .. in order to go to the same place as men.. into their own brains..

this male blogger friend of mine.. he said there are flying elephants over a muticloured sky and other extraordinary things in there.. in his brain..

when .. women go into our brains.. to find lists... things to do lists .. things that haven't been done lists .. things not done and therefore disturbing our conscience lists.. and these push us out..into real world again..

I told to my friend.. "don't be plaintive.. this is luxury.. heaven on earth being your own brain.. and this.. being the only place that you really own..

because we don't own it either..


I have added the cover photo of "country homes &interiors" october issue.. I loved this corner.. couldn't find it on their website.. so I took a photo of the photo =D.. adding my reading glasses.. to go and visit this photographer's HERE she has taken lots of "heaven on earth" photos..=)


I have decided to start .. wendesdaydissertations .. and friday writers ..categories.. I hope I can .. and promess they will not all be so long..=P


buket uzuner is a turkish woman writer.. she has novels and travel notes published in english as well.. I loved" the long white cloud gallipoli".. a fancy novel about the love and marriage of an ANZAK .. soldier and a turkish country girl during the WW I..

you can of course tell me before you leave .. what would be your private "heaven on earth".. and comment about differences of life between "men and women".. as much as you wish..

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

grey tray =P..


I recently changed my attitude.. towards colour..

I want all in cream.. pearl .. grey.. anthracite..

no I don't have plenty  of  paint .. in these colours.. I mix them up myself.. always the same shades.. =P..

don't ask me why... is it the inflence of all these photos I see at the blogs and/or decorating magazines.. after all these are not my favorite colours.. I like autumnal bright colours.. browns greens..  auburns..

I am sure this is a reversible mood..

and I try to limit myself small objects..

so the latest cream grey collection I have created..

an old and worn tray set..



there was a herringbone design inside..

I think it looks quite stylish.. and shows  off my new cookie jars..


and.. every object must hide something.. a small surprise..

so I decoupaged a toile de jouy print.. underneath ..

I had some toile fabric.. I photocopied the fabric.. and coffee tinted the paper to make it look "old" then pasted with my magic wallpaper paste/white glue homemade paste.. some matte acrilic varnish..

ready for service.. now..

would you like  to join me..??


Monday, October 06, 2008

a weekend with bloggers


I have had a wonderful weekend..

each day shared with friends..

friday a blog friend visited me..ecem..

we knew each other from the posts.. but had never met before..

she came with gifts to me.. as though she wasn't a gift herself..


these are crocheted napkin rings.. each topped with a needle lace violets.. called "oya"

violet.. purple.. plum these are my colors..


a close-up to the violets..


and then there was tis mexican hat..


hiding a thimble in itself.. an exquisite one.. notice the inlaid agate.. and flowers again.. a girl must be chic.. even when she sews..=)

her mother made these for her.. when she got married.. and she gave it to me..what can it be called if not..a gift from the heart..


a crocheted book mark.. with three small "oya" flowers..


and two magnets.. one of them has a scarf around her head.. notice the "oya" around it.. this is a typical turkish contry woman .. and these "oya"s tell all a story..

each motif has a meaning.. I am in love say some.. I am married and happy say another.. a new mom's oya is different than the one of the woman who is waiting her sweetheart .. coming back from the military service..if you have a problem with your m-i-l .. there is a different motif..

the silent messaging system of the eastern people..


the other magnet.. went directly to my lacey desk..


saturday I met two most beautiful young lady bloggers..

this time my turn..

they are collecting magnets.. and .. I have surprises for them from.. alaçatı.. the shape of the original typical doors of alaçatı village..

the packages .. were the free share of another blogger Lori Gardner.. just in time to do sweet gift packages.. thank you lori..


and came sunday.

a breakfast by the seaside..


with another blogger friend of mine.. simurg..

teaching me the details of taking nice photos.. I don't know if I will be as talented as her.. anytime.. but this has so nice to chat about everything.. and nothing.. over our coffees by the sea..

coming back home.. Britt Arnhild has chosen me as the blog of the week..

big hugs and love from me .. from istanbul.. Britt.. I will do my best this week..=)...


the book in the first picture.. is .. Muthan Mungan's.. one of my favorite writers.. "the cities of woman".. these were stories.. each story was about a woman and one city.. interesting and emotional..

don't you think some male authors do understand deeply the emotional life of woman better than some woman..

Friday, October 03, 2008

conversation topic: decoration

kadin kurabiye

we have had a conversation about home decoration today.. with my daughter..

she had come to my desk while I was reading my mails.. and she wanted to show me the video of her cat.. leke and herself playing in the morning..

she is a touchy girl..

the fumbled over the desk.. and touching my purple bowl..

why did you put this bowl under the glass she asked..

this is the only thing that fits in it.. it is so small..

mmm.. so you have to put something under it.. you really need to..??..

I have seen people putting bird nests.. eggs under the glass cloches..I loved it.. wanted some display looking like these..than I showed her one of the inspiration photos I had saved on the desktop..

she looked and said..

mmm... this is not suitable for our family.. everyone would touch it..than the egg would broke.. and the nest would be torn apart..can you imagine our uncles visiting.. they would ask you WHY's.. they woulş all talk about it.. and finally you would go crazy ..

I love her summarizing our life.. simply but true..

you are right I said laughing.. no need to invite stress ..=) that is why no eggs for us..

she frowned a minute and asked..

why are you painting everything white or light grey or should use black.. can you imagine this room all in black.. it would be super..

I closed my eyes.. and imagined.. yes.. it would be.. black matte walls shiny satin and velveteen black chairs.. sofas.. maybe some anthracite and silver..

then I answered..

yes you are right.. it would be fabulous..BUT your father doesn't like it..even more.. he hates this..

white cannot stand us.. she said..we aren't a white family..

yes I know I said..

that is why I only paint small things in white..

this is good she said..

then I went to the bathroom.. and I have seen the big dark stain on the white linen lining of the basket..counted on my fingers.. ten days..I still didn't finish to decorate and they have already started to put it apart..

I think I need a place to decorate.. for myself.. or other people.. "white friendly" people..

Thursday, October 02, 2008

perfect desk .. part two..

I have accumulated lots of things..on my to do list..
and I have decided to go spot by spot..

the upstairs bathroom is finished.. I will add some pictures later..
next will come the powder room..
for the moment I am playing around my desk ..

I have surfed to find some inpirations about how to embellish my mail organizer..

it is dear to my heart..

they threw this beauty out while they were decorating the clinics at the hospital..

and my DH brought it home ..

I painted it in a pale bue and used it for years.. it started to look distressed.. now it is time to change the look ..
first I  tried my hand on stamping a classical architectural pattern and a fleur de lys pattern in purple paint..
but I didn't like it..
then I repainted it in grey..

and I added some more lace..
no lace is enough for me..
even at the workspace..=P


this time I used some purple lace ..
I had bought it to trim a blouse I had..
and there was some leftover in my ribbon box.. cut to size..
and pasted to the mail organizer..
it looks great.. isn't it??
we don't have Mod podge in here.. so I use a paste I prepare... I mix wall paper adhesive and some white glue.. which dries clear ..and embeds even heavy papers and fabrics..and surfaces whatever I am pasting..
then I varnish with some water based varnish..

now it looks fine to me..
maybe some purple lines on the edges.. will make it more tailored..
I will also  add a tassel or a monogram in the center..
a diamante monogram  maybe..

I have lined the inside of the drawer with some old book pages..
a friend of mine.. gave me some old books.. which belonged to her mother..
they are french detective novels and some classics as well..

some were torn and the covers were missing..
I keep the ones which are in good condition.. read them.. use them as display pieces..
but the torn ones..
I have decided to use them for crafting..
I had seen on Martha how to do the scented paper for drawers..
I made my own way..
I have first covered a piece of cardboard with these papers then put it in big nylon bag.. added some lavender oil.. and left it closed for some days..
then I placed it in the drawer..

It smells wonderful when I leave the drawer half open..
isn't life too short not to enjoy..
we shouldn't miss any moment..

I showed the picture of the prosperity bowl..
this is a story I have learned this summer on holiday..
a very beautiful lady sitting at the boot on the open market in alaçatı..
told me.. that purple is a depressive colour..
but it also is the colour of prosperity..
I knew about depression..although this colour inspires me and feels me up with energy..
but prosperity..
she said.. during the ottoman empire..
the banknotes were printed with purple ink..

so colour purple became the symbol of prosperity for anatolian people..
that suits me..
I love when we mix up all things and beliefs..
this is globalization to me..
this lady told me to put some coins  some water in it (my own tabletop wishing well)
and to put it to the west side of my house .. which is the prosperity side.. in Feng Shui..
I smiled..
and did it..
why not..


I have bought three of these bowls one big and two very tiny ones..
one of them sits on my desk.. =)
to remind me.. to mix and match different energies to embellish my life..


attention to the fine details at the tulip pattern..tulip bulbs originated from turkiye.. and the stylised tulip design is used for embroidery.. ceramic painting.. miniatures.. and all kind of graphic  arts..

still to do at the deskplace..

some holders..and a suitable tassel and monogram for the mail organizer..