Thursday, November 12, 2009

my city...

I have come to delete a comment ..

some are thinking that this is left-alone website..
well it is not so..

the owner of this site will delete all ridiculous .. noxious links.. performance improving drugs.. toys and so.. corporations advertorials.. etc..
at once..

do ya hear me..
at once.. because.. any comment is reported to my e-mail adress..=D..
so you better..leave crafters alone..=D.

but as I came here..
I will share.. a good intension of mine..

as I have started to write a short story ..
and making some regular city photographying tours..
I thought that maybe I shoul add some over here too..

soon to come..
Istanbul.. from my point of view..

just small things.. faux bijous and lace and crystal and so..

everything baroque and glittery and shiny ..
I am living my magpie days..

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

neck warmer


S3700083[2] this is a recycle-reuse-reinvent project..I had many wooden curtain rings..more than needed knitting material…and pearls and beads..

and inspiration from the web =)

they  helped me to make a neck warmer more than a pendant as a gift.. for a much loved lady..

S3700149some more to come…gifts of course..

and a black more lacy .. more shiny one for myself..=P .. I never deny that I am an addicted lace-girl..=P

Monday, February 09, 2009

bar cabinet..finished..

remember the very messy cabinet I had started painting..
it was an old music chest.. with a pull-out drawer..
I loved the curves.. it was dirty.. dusty.. cracked all over..
and the varnish was gone..

first I had painted the inside.. flashing pink/fuscia..

the outside.. after much hesitations..
has become grey .. I don't have no other grey colour in the living room..
mostly taupe.. beige and plum..
therefore it doesn't fit..

but we will see..
we will find a way to blend it in..
any ideas..??

an it absolutely needs some embellishing
but haven't been inspired yet..

the inside hides the colour surprise..

my new bar-cabinet..

Friday, February 06, 2009


I have done finally..
three things.. I wanted to do.. for a long time..

I have re-arranged my books in a colour scheme.. I have seen so many on the netI thought they looked awsome.. saved many photos to my "inspiration file" but.. just didn..'t do it.. you could call me.. lazy and I would answer.. no.. just busy =)..

yesterday all of a sudden I have started to take books off from the shelves.. it was nearly midnight..
I didn't plan to do it.. I was looking trying to figure how I would.. and when that I have found myself .. into the job..

I succeeded.. It was as three am when it was done.. the rest of the living room was a mess.. butwho cares..=).. not me.. when I have checked this item from my never ending "to do" list..
I had some decorative objects.. on the shelves.. but they had become such a mess.. it allover looked a clutter display..

Before .. the books were arranged in "writers name order".. and in categories.. turkish novels.. foreign writers' novels.. woman .. poems.. history.. hobby..
But whenever I tried to find one .. I still couldn't ..
I think I have a "booksearcher's temporary blindness".. an unknown medical condition..=D..
so.. now at least.. my "bibliotheque" looks pretty..

some dusting and arranging.. does good to everything.. everyone...

I have put all the decorations on the dining table and re-arrenged them..
ethnic accessories for the white shelf..

and purple for the the other white shelf... .

both these antique looking faux paintings are made by me..
no I didn't paint them .. I can't.. not even to save my life.. but I can fake it.. a blank canvas.. some glue.. a picture photocopy.. cracking varnish and shoe polish.. =)
the orange-y one is the photocopy of a painting one of my patients have painted ..this is a the view of a byzantine building in the middle of the marmara sea.. the "maiden tower" and has a sad story.. The lavender one is just a page of a decoration magazine ..

white and green accessories for the green shelf..

a buddha for the orange and red shelf..

a shell for the blue shelf..this shell took me to years ago.. I bought it for my mother when I was 19.. and went on a trip by myself first time in my life.. It still has the sound of the sea.. but now.. has also the sound of memories..

I like the overall look.. now.. it is not crowded any more.. not a sore for the eye..

The second thing is something I wanted to do for a long time..
I joined a reading group.. founded by my turkish blogger friend..
we have chosen the "the museum of innocence" of orhan pamuk.. the nobel winning turkish writer..
no other writer has been discussed more than he was..

there are fans..
and there are people who have not succeded to finish his books..
I never met anyone who said I don't like his books..there are only readers who succeded to finish and those who could not..

he has an interesting writing style.. I always liked it.. from the first book I have read .. I have been a fan.. when I first read him.. I had the feeling of reading a very well translated book.. long sentences.. detailed description lists in one sentence which could go for 10 .. twelwe lines.. turkish is not this style of language.. I am not an expert of literature.. just a book worm.. so this as my personal idea..
but I was like an enthousiastic little child.. counting the lines while reading and keep saying..
"omg.. 5 lines and still continuing and no misplacement of word.. no wrong turning of the meaning.. omg. 10 lines..."=P
it was a "love at the first read".. for me.. and I still do like reading his novels..
and I even can discuss the evolution of his style over the years..
but I don't want to start my book review now and here..
I have to keep it for the reading group.. later maybe I might do it here too..
so.. when my friend has decided to make a special blog for this group..
I have prepared a simple banner .. a shoot of my collection of bookmarks.. and old french books.. and noticed that I have quite a collection.. which I will add in here too..
it's in turkish..
but a girl must show what she has..=)

for the bookmarks.. which are all gifts.. but one.. which is a silver badge of my high school..

now I have to find a way to display them on the bookcase.. any interesting ideas?