Thursday, November 12, 2009

my city...

I have come to delete a comment ..

some are thinking that this is left-alone website..
well it is not so..

the owner of this site will delete all ridiculous .. noxious links.. performance improving drugs.. toys and so.. corporations advertorials.. etc..
at once..

do ya hear me..
at once.. because.. any comment is reported to my e-mail adress..=D..
so you better..leave crafters alone..=D.

but as I came here..
I will share.. a good intension of mine..

as I have started to write a short story ..
and making some regular city photographying tours..
I thought that maybe I shoul add some over here too..

soon to come..
Istanbul.. from my point of view..

just small things.. faux bijous and lace and crystal and so..

everything baroque and glittery and shiny ..
I am living my magpie days..


BrittArnhild said...

That's a story I want to read....and hopefully experience myself some day :-)

Anonymous said...

It is lovely to hear from you again! I look forward to walking around your city with you.

Britt-Arnhild said...

How is your story coming along Pinar......