Monday, January 22, 2007

my long distance angel..

I have an angel..
out there.. in the southern-eastern part of the world..
she is a quiet.. calm.. joyful lady..
I have found her blog about six months ago..
and have started to leave her messages.. after a while..
she doesn't know.. but I have read all her posts..
the old people say.. '' kendine münhasır'' which means'' special to herself.. in my country..
this means a personality that you cannot categorize..
I love her posts.. short.. and bright..full of sense of humour.. uncategorizable.. she can craft.. travel.. shop.. or design.. and she writes about all these.. in her own way..

yes dear bloggers..I like many of your posts.. but what makes her special for me.. is.. that.. she is the one to remind good intentions and empathy.. and frienship.. and this on the right time.. when it is most needed..

you know I was.. sad .. because of this terrorist.. this fanatic young man who shot a journalist in the middle of MY city.. MY country..
can something make you feel completely a foreigner to where you belong to your own society.. ??
yes .. this was the effect of this crime on me..

and coming home from work.. there was a parcel waiting for me..
with a white angel hidden in it.. ( can you see this stubborn tiny face.. this is the expression of a child who insists for something.. but insists cheerfuly.. knowing inside that she is irresistable.. as loved little kids know ..she is so sweet..)
she send me an angel.. the moment I most needed..

thank you .. so much..
for bringing me back.. from sadness.. to belief in humans..

as I told you..
you are my long distance angel.. from now on..
thank you..

and here she goes.. on my all white table.. next to her older sisters..
she looks quite happy..
how do you think????

ps.. I don't even mention the chocolates which kept her company for all the way..
kids have finished them in 10 min.. not even my angel could protect them..=))


The Shopping Sherpa said...

Awww... shucks. I feel like bookmarking this page and reading it whenever I'm having a bad day.

Thanks for saying such lovely things about me :-)

jessica said...

so nice that an angel came your way at the right moment. may your spirits be lifted pinar.

Anonymous said...

There is kindness from across the miles that comes to you, to remind you that you are not alone. My prayers for peace!

Kahshe Cottager said...

What a powerful reminder to use opportunities to do little acts of kindness for others ~ you just never know what a difference a small gesture can make for others.

PS... That little angelface is all puckered up for getting or giving a kiss!

Anonymous said...

You are lucky to have such a wonderful friend. The angel is lovely. Looks like she fits right in to that spot just perfect...

Take care,

MariaJ said...

I love your angel, it looks like shes coming home after a long flight.

Jill said...

I can't think of a better day to have gotten the angel. God knew you were in need of her.

Cat said...

As I was saddened by your last post, I am happy for angels!

Britt-Arnhild said...


AnnieElf said...

Dear Piren, I'm so happy to read that you have received comfort from an Angel after the sadness of your last post. In the midst of so much bad, there is so much more good. Annie

dilara45 said...

merhabalar Pınar,görüşemiyoruz artık arkadaşım...ama buradasın,hayat devam ediyor....arada geliyorum bakıyorum ve gidiyorum...sevgiler....

sureyyam said...

ah ah... beceriksiz ben.. yazının yarınısını yemişim.) neyse...sevgilerimi selamlarımı ve fırçamı salladım dı...) anlamışsındır...sevgi ile kal...geleceğim yine..goodbyeee

Anonymous said...
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Cat said...

Hi Pinar, Everytime I watch a Jazz game (Utah's pro basketball team) I think of you because we have a STAR player named Mehmet Okur who is from Turkey. He's great on the 3 point shots at the last second!

Hope all is well! Smiles, Cat

Anonymous said...

Just checking in again to see if you are back. Hope everything is okay. Thinking of you.

Take care,

Jill said...


Just checking on you...
Hope everything is OK.

Jill 00

Britt-Arnhild said...

I miss you Pinar. Hopew you are fine.

faithness said...

I love Turkey, I love Instabul, and I cannot wait to visit again. I am sorry for your loss. All those who provide us information are cherished by a nation...we need them to remain free. love your posts.

bubble.rap said...

Dear Pinar,
I have taken a very indirect route to find you. Curiosity about gardening carried me to the "Garden Junk" forum where I found your intriguing posts. I followed your link to this blog but was too shy to speak... thinking I should read more and "know you" better before I introduced myself. I have not yet read enough or learned enough to dare. But your most recent entry made my heart ache for you. And rejoice with you. We have something in common. On a day when I was very sad, a lovely 90 year old lady noticed my sorrow and gave me a tiny white ceramic angel. She has a broken wing, but still holds her little candle proudly.
Tonight I heard on the news that a building in your city collapsed and I felt a sudden concern for you. I didn't want to delay longer. So tonight I created a new blog place for myself (this is very new for me) just so I could tell you. I care too.
I want to thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings (and photos!) so generously. Be well! Susan

jessica said...

me too, checking in with you. hope you are well.

Gina said...

What a pretty angel.