Friday, April 13, 2007

we are walking for our laicist republic...

there are whispering voices..are you coming?? of course.. and you?? .. sure I do..
we are all going.. those who can't..
are hanging their flags to their houses..
flags are important for us..
I mentionned before..
Ankara is going to be poppy field tomorrow..
red flags..
we are coming even from Bangkok.. from europe..
all who believe in the value of our republic.. enthrusted to each of us.. by Atatürk..
and we are so many..
the weak parts of the electorial system..
the patience of those waiting in the dark.. for their day..
will never overcome..
we were warned..
Our all time leader told us..
I enthrust the republic to you..

he told us..

Turkish Youth!
Your first duty is forever to preserve and to defend the Turkish Independence
and the Turkish Republic.This is the very foundation of your existence and your
future. This foundation is your most precious treasure.

In the future, too, there may be malevolent people at home and abroad who will
wish to deprive you of this treasure.

If some day you are compelled to defend your independence and your republic,
you must not tarry to weigh the possibilities and circumstances of the situation
before taking up your duty. These possibilities and circumstances may turn out
to be extremely unfavourable. The enemies conspiring against your independence
and your republic, may have behind them a victory unprecedented in the
annals of the world.
It may be that, by violence and ruse, all the fortresses of your beloved
fatherland may be captured, all its shipyards occupied, all its armies dispersed
and every part of the country invaded. And sadder and graver than all these
circumstances, those who hold power within the country may be in error,
misguided and may even be traitors.
Furthermore, they may indentify their personal interests with the political
designs of the invaders. The country may be impoverished, ruined and exhausted.
Youth of Turkey''s future,
Even in such circumstances it is your duty to save the Turkish Independence
and Republic.
You will find the strength you need in your noble blood.
Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk..........
we are.. now under many risks.. from inside and outside..
and first..
we are walking to our father's grave..
to thank him for the warning..
and that we are care of our future.. and his thrust..


tongue in cheek said...

Ten million people are expected! That is what the journal said! Ten million!
What a leader to have ten million people follow him, and walk to his grave, to the poppy fields!
His heart is beating within yours!

Cat said...

My heart is with you Pinar, my prayers are with you as you walk and with your beliefs and efforts to defend the Turkish Independence.

jessica said...

how strong and passionate...i admire your way pinar. good to hear from you.