Tuesday, October 02, 2007

is it a quarter or a whole..

a group..of objects..on my desk..
(well not really at the picture they are .. out..on the garden table .. for a better light )
from left to right..the 25th year of the graduation plate.. from my high school..
the 25th year of the graduation plate from the medical college..
the clock.. from a thrift shop.. staying normally at the .. '' it grows with the time'' part of my garden ..set up at a quarter to twelwe..on purpose.. for this article..
and the 25th year celebration album of one of the famous turkish ethic rock music groups ..one of my favourite's..
the group's name.. is ''ezginin günlüğü'' ..
which means ''diary of music''..
the album's name.. is çeyrek '' quarter''..

various singers have recorded each a song of the group..
they have chosen the song and have performed in their own style of singing.. they made a ''cover'' isn't it the name for it.. re-styling the old songs..

and one of the singers is the young rocker.. I have mentionned before..at an older post..
and who is now at the under protection corner of the blog..
at the right column..
under protection with nadja and a statue..
and who knows with whom else.. in the future..
and..why he is under protection.. well .. I will tell you later..

last saturday we went out for shopping with my daughter.. the bud.. of the older post..
and we have finally acquired it..
coming back home..
it has his place on my desk..

listening to it..and sipping my red vine..
I thought about relativity again..
just because of this name.. a quarter..

a quarter of what..
a quarter of life..
a quarter of professional life..
a quarter of a whole..
or what else??

sometimes I get nervous..
because I have young children for my age..
I was a primare agée already when I had my son..
I was 34 yrs old..and 38 when I had my daughter..

this inflicts me some worries..
will I stay healthy.. and strong until they grow up..
until they become adults..
tell me when is it that.. they become adult..??

at 25??..
they will be graduating from college..
maybe in search for a job..
when my daughter will be 25..
ooh.. no I don't want to calculate..=P..
I will be young enough.. to wear my purple hat.. and my red lipstick..
I can swear.. =)

no no.. I am not getting depressive again..just brain - storming..
none of us is able to see the future..
so there is only hopes..
that they grow up..healthy.. and happy..
and that we.. can see them grow.. and be happy..

and meanwhile we must never forget..
25 could also be.. can be ..
the whole..
of it..


Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

It is funny to read this post and imagine that I've in fact written it!! I have very similar thoughts about growing older. I'm 34 now and have no children, would like to have them but don't know if or when I ever will. I still think about their future and if I'll be too old.

Cre8Tiva said...

i had my childen young...my first at 20...my last at 26...i grew up with them...they are gone from me now...i miss that...thanks for the link about your P...blessings, rebecca

Britt-Arnhild said...

Reflective. Makes me think.
It is often our own respnsibilty to make it whole, isn't it?