Saturday, October 07, 2006

I have a bud.. in my arms..

my daughter is very happy and excited.. she woke up at 7.00 AM even there is no school today.. she said she couldn't sleep .. all this is because..
she received a phone call yesterday..from a friend of her.. who has invited her to the scene of a turkish see the shooting of the film.. and most important.. to meet the actors.. her father being one of the sponsors.. they were invited.. and we accepted.. no other chance..
she loves this serial.. she is a fan the youngman who is the main actor.. and I must say he is quite attractive ( go on.. click the will not be disappointed =)) too..
and I love to watch this serial with my daughter.. and I don't deny that this young-man.. is not worth watching.. but I also watch my daughter.. she is tweeting like little birds.. and moving constantly like a hamster.. as long as she watches..she is so impressed.. she laughs.. talks to herself..makes mimics..
my daughter wants to become an actress.. she is beautiful.. and so energetic.. she plays piano.. she sings at the chorus of her school.. she is taking ballet courses.. goes to theatre courses.. she would be a good actress.. because.. she observes.. and is already someone who is using her body to express herself..
she fills me with joy.. and watching her.. is like watching a bud opening.. you cannot guess what the flower will be like.. but can feel it is beautiful..
there is a bud in my arms.. a woman bud.. and an actress bud.. and I love my bud..
have a good day dear.. enjoy your youth and potentials.. and I will enjoy your beauty..and your purity..


autum said...

How exciting for your daughter to have this opportunity. She is beautiful!

Cat said...

You are so blessed to have a beautiful and talented and ambitious daughter!!! What a neat adventure for her. And wonderful for you to watch her bloom.

I have 2 sons, 2 step sons, 2 grandsons, and 3 nephews. No girls!

Smiles, Cat

Annabelle said...

Rose Bud....Yes she is beautiful, and lovely and talented and young. She is your sweet little one waiting to bloom into a beautiful lady...but time can be patient and let you relish in the innocence of her youth. Children are such treasures to behold but one day they’ll be on their own and then you’ll miss the little ones that you called your very own.

♥ joleen ♥ said...


jessica said...

your daughter looks so sweet and lovely. lucky girl to go on the set. oh, yes, the actor is a handsome one.

MariaJ said...

I think the actor looks like a turkish Johnny Depp: Pirates of the Caribean....not bad at all....
and your girl is so beautiful that I think you Pinar will have a big to handle all those boys around her....haa.
(Pinar, if you want to know more about that name of Arabia, please look again my path subject, theres an answer to you)

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Mariaj bet me to the "Turkish Johnny Depp" statement. What an exciting adventure!

Cat said...

Pinar, I tagged you (you don't have to participate, but it's kind-of fun). See my blog for the details.

Connie and Rob said...

Your daughter is absolutely lovely. It is so wonderful that age when all possibilities are just waiting for you. I hope all her dreams come true.

That young actor is a cutie for sure!!!

Take care,

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Your daughter has a true fan in you! And withyour support she will go far! Love does help us be our best to reach for the stars!
What a lovely tribute you wrote for her!!

Britt-Arnhild said...

A beautiful, beautiful tribute to a beautiful, beautiful daughter.

Jill said...

Your daughter is a pretty young girl,and it sounds like she is blessed with lots of talents.

How exciting for the both of you to visit a tele show..Sounds like an exciting day!

One Crabapple said...

I read this over the weekend...

Your daughter is so beautiful.

I loved reading your thoughts and your observations and imaginedwhat she was like in her excitement.

Beautiful young bud. You are so lucky.

P.S. I did look up the young man / actor...I caught myself smiling - I felt like a dirty old woman and I laughed out loud ! he looks a little bit like Johnny Depp with that long dark hair and his eyes doesn't he ?

I know you will have fun at the taping. I think it is wonderful that you get to go.

Be sure to tell us about your little bird and all of her nervous excitement and what went on .

Naturegirl said...

What a beautiful "bud" and so talented in the arts already!