Thursday, June 05, 2008

neye niyet ..neye kısmet ( what was the intent ..but what was destined..)

I wanted to do this for a while..
name it lack of time or lack of ambition..
I used it as I bought it.. for nearly a year now..
I didn't plan anything..
it just happened.. =)..

In my last post I announced that I started to make a laptop bag..
not really make it but.. customize one I had..
thanks to all altered book ideas and atc ideas I have found on the net ..
I have gathered more than enough inspiration ..

The one I use now is a standart black laptop bag..
quite sturdy but without a caractere..=P
like many people huh??..
well I have been searching for something..
but couldn't find anything particular.. to suit both my needs and my taste..
so.. I remembered the olive green one..
given as a gift at the last medical congress I attended..
it had the inscription of the congress on the lid of the front pocket..
so I fancied if I could disguise this and how.. well we will see..
I am trying my hand on this..

I first decided to transfer a collage picture I made from magazine cut outs..
I applied a basecoat of white acrilic on the pocket..
then made a collage to my taste.. photocopied it..
yesterday evening I have pasted the collage photocopy..
still holding the brush..and intending to wash..
my eyes cought the wooden Ikea magazine holder.. a longtime waiting craft project..

It sits on my counter and holds the recipes..
written on the notebook or torn from magazines..

two crafts are better than one.. I decided..
headed to the mag pile on the cofee table..
and found the perfect image.. before the brush dried.. =)..

A pile of crusty bread slices..
off we go..
some more pasting.. and.. the two ( the bag and the holder).. dried side by side ..

First thing in the morning..
the transfer was wetted..
and while waiting it to be ready..
I sanded off the surplus of paper.. using a piece of sanding paper..
then a starry cut in the hole on the front..
and rolling the sanding paper.. some more sanding.. and..

here is a clean hole ..

remember the acrilic paint I applied as a base coat??..
well I added some water and it was ready to use as white wash..
for the sides..

while it was drying.. I continued to the bag altering process..
which isn't going well.. and when I say this.. I mean it..
that is why two are better than one..
you succeed at least at one of them..
and you have a story to tell on the blog.. =P

I have left the house than.. came to job..
in the evening I will varnish my holder..
and take a photo of it..
and try some more things on the bag..

I will post the result..
good or bad..


One Crabapple said...

HELLO back with hugs and kisses from California
Dearest PINAR !

I am definitely intrigued on this Laptop Bag Idea you speak of !

The magazine holder came out great and I love this idea also.

Your banner with the little flower and shells is beautiful and as always, I sigh to catch a glimpse of Your emboirdered "P" there on the sidebar.

So happy to hear from You.
Friends Always (no matter the time or the miles)
Love, S.

One Crabapple said...

I should have added to the friendship comment

"...neye kismet"