Saturday, June 07, 2008

two birds with one pebble or.. bir taşla iki kuş ..=P

about this laptop bag..
this is a back pack style bag..
olive green..
with a front pocket..
and with a big black writing the title of the congress.. on the pocket cover..

so.. we have to disguise this..
I prepared a collage .. from the cut outs.. from the fashion and house decoration mags..
cofee and chocolate and a carved wood lady's hand object.. arranged them ..
and.. photocopied it ..
it came out as this..

I have first cut the photocopy to fit.. the flap..
applied a generous amount of white paste all over the photocopy..
over the picture side..not the blank side....
and also over the flap.. which was previously painted in white base coat..
and placed the photocopy over the flap..pressing with a dry kitchen towel over and over..
I tried not to leave any airbubbles ..
which was a hard thing.. because the .. material of the bag is not as straight as I wished..
it bended and twisted as I was pressing..
it has dried overnight..

I laid a wet kitchen towel over the dried pasted photocopy..
when it was wet..
I started to peel the paper..
I rubbed my finger over and over ..
until I started to see the picture..
this is how it looked..

I had to wet a few times more..
until all was peeled of and my picture visible ..
but careful not to peel off the picture itself..
I have noticed that it didn't stick well in some places..
so these parts remained blank white..
which is not a good thing..
when these patchy parts are small they add an aged effect ..
but when they are big .. gush..

but I went on ..
I rubbed some brown shoepolish to the white areas..
they looked better..
the picture looks a bit cloudy but when varnished it must be neater..
using a water based varnish.. I varnished all over..
three coats..
letting it dry between the coats.. which takes app. an hour..
it is quite flexible..and waterproof..

the final is.. like this..

the patches are still visible.. but softer now that thet are light brown..
I can add.. some embellishment .. over the patches..
we will see..
but I have alredy started to use it =P

and everyone loved it.. as it is..
now seeking for some embellishing ideas..
have you got any advice ??

about the mag holder..
it now sits.. proud.. and chic..
do you like how it came out..

p.s. ..oo I love to take these photos..
they make me love the domestic sides of life..
p.s.2.. when you do the tranfer you have to choose a picture without a writing.. because it comes out reverse..
p.s.3.. it is a rainy but sweet weekend.. we have a wonderful spring this year..


Britt-Arnhild said...

What a delicate colour :-)

Great to have you back in blogland Pinar. I hope you are doing okay. Have been missing you!

pinar said...

thank you so much dear Britt..
I am back to stay =)..
Have been missing you too..