Friday, September 26, 2008

yes I have been back...

I have been back for a time now..
life has taken its own routine..

schools are open ..
my daughter has real "severe" adolescence problems..
"adolescentesque" as her french teacher very accurately .. defines her situation..
lots of tears and melancholy..
lots of obsessions.. an ongoing revolt on every subject..
she needs lots of empathy.. and sympathy..she eats up time.. and patience..

my son .. this year.. he has become a young man..
I can see.. and feel the difference in him..
he wakes up easily.. gets ready in time.. as a grown up..
well he only shaves his face a couple of times in a week but..
he is calmer.. more hygiene-caring.. he goes out with his friends.. sometimes..
and my hearth doesn't bump any more in my chest until he comes back..
he has to enter the university exam next year..
he started already to study for this too.. on his own request and will..
a great change.. =)

on my side..
the holiday was marvellous..
on the way back .. I have driven from my summer home up to Istanbul..
stopping at some places I have always wanted to..
most wonderful places on the eagian side of Turkiye..
then back to work of course..
and to craft..

the big change is that.. we have a cat.. now..
a kitten.. who was trying to survive in the parking lot of the hospital.. where I work..
she had no mother.. no family.. relying on some milk the office person were giving him..
such a playfull and sweet little girl..
I invited insisted to take her home..
she frowned a bit.. but accepted in the end..
/this means I have spend a couple of hours trying to catch her..
and finally she colun't resist the movements of my index finger.. from the buttonhole of my doctor coat =D../
curiosity kills the cat they.. in this particular moment..
information satisfies.. the cat..
she is happily settled down..

she gave a serenity to my daughter..
I knew it.. I told my DH already..
this will be great for us..
someone to take care.. and love..
I loved to read with a cat on my lap.. when I was a younster..=)

I must tell that I own her my craftiness ..
I tried to make her a cosy bed ..
the first one I tried to do was a very un-successfull shoe box crafting..
I padded and covered .. it was awfull and nor soft enough to cuddle..
the beds sold at the pet shops were so childish and unpractical..
that I googled and miss google offered so many catbeds and toys.. endless diy possibities..
/by the way..a turkish blogger friend of mine said that she believes "google" is a SHE.. because She knows so much .. and I completely agree/
yes miss google finally schocked me..
with a great idea of hiding the cat litter tray inside a bathroom cabinet..
with a port hole for the cat ..
I jumped in the air..and..
having a very similar one in he attic I decided it is time for me to create..
a similar litter box .. and why not..and other things too..
why not do some embellishment for autumn.. for the house..
starting with the bathroom..
and this is my story.. of exaggerating.. it always happens.. =D..

I first made the cat bed ..
as she is very small I made a small one .. so that she fits in perfectly and feels as if she was with her sisters and mother..
it is zipped on the back.. my daughter is putting a microwavable hotpack at the base every evening before they both go to sleep..
a warm kitten is a happy kitty..
ooh did I tell you we named her LEKE.. it means SPOT in my language..
I first thought about calling her "patchwork" ..
but it was a big name for a small kitten..

if I make a list of what is happening in the crafting studio..
I can make a long list..
I finished..
* making the kitten's bed.. in dark plum and some checkered wool leftover fabrics..
* making a laundry bag.. armoire " curtains .. and basket cases.. with a blue&white;cream flower patterned fabric I had..
* painting in cream..the baskets.. the armoire ..
* rearrenged some accessories.. from other places of the home..
* reorganizing the armoire.. the towels and othe tids and bits..
* reorganizing my sewing and crafting corner ..
* tidying all the torn mag pages.. updating my "inspiration&project for the home" file..

I had bought new towels from datça.. here my summer house is..
I always buy sand coloured and white towels they look so fresh and french ..=)
they now look great in the rejuvenated cabinet..

still to do's..
I will..
*insert a small display the main bathroom.. and some accessories to create a period spa athmosphere..
*make some fabric or crocheted holders for the inside of the cabinets..

half did.. not really finished..
*painting in cream.. grey and dark grey..
a set of old and not good looking papier-maché trays..
in a very dark brown colour...

I have found in my stock of fabric.. a "toile de jouy"
just the right red colour ..
I have made some photocopies of the toile..
I will use them at the back of the trays..
on some boxes..
and under some pictures as a photomat..
this will go for the " pampering room"..
*painting in cream white and pink a shell shaped plaster plate..
it will be pearlised and varnished to hol soaps and other accessories..

yes I have another project ..
and another.. and another..

and a shopping list..
for the craft store..

a happy blogger is a crafty blogger..

the pictures are from leke..
and her bed..
some more arty photos will right be there..
thanks to leke..
she made the impossible mission of resetting my crafty mood =D..


Britt-Arnhild said...

Love to have you back Pinar, and congratulations with the cute little kitten.

Thank you so much for your kind words about friendship. I now know I have a friend in Istanbul.

Jacey said...

Wow!! What a beautiful pet bed, my sweet little kitty would love to sit upon it.