Monday, September 29, 2008

a perfect office..


my home office.. is very small..

and this is enough for me..

as I don't work from home..

don't you also think that size doesn't matter.. =)..what is important is ..whether  it  reflects your   spirit ..or not..

every girl needs a write down notes.. whether these are blog posts..thank you notes to sweethearts or..or information notes to teachers ..

my desk is a gift from a friend of my DH..

it is an old drop front small desk..with three hidden drawers..

his father who was a dentist  used it at his office..

as we like to collect old furniture.. especially those with memories.. he gave it to us..

it is a male desk.. straight.. simple.. but paired with the curvy lines of my french chair.. it is more feminine..

I topped it with  some accessories..

it became  a perfect spot for ME..


a simple purple desktop from ikea

ikea sumen

paired with some leftover black  lace

dantel detay

becomes a lacey accessory..

it has a clean ribbon finish..

dantel temiz

and the closeup shows..


the freshly painted not yet finished mail organizer.. / it has it's own history/


and a small cloche.. hiding a purple prosperity bowl../this has it's own story as well =P..

I must say I was haunted with the idea of  having a cloche.. =)

this one  is one of my last two acquisitions.. but I still have not found the one in my dreams..

this is from where I write .. I read blogs.. I day dream looking at the garden ..


tomorrow is the ramadan feast.. a holiday in  turkiye..

we will be with the family.. for three days..

I love holidays..

who doesn't


Britt-Arnhild said...

Black lace flowing doen part of this beautiful desk. Kind of sexy, isn't it :-) I love it.

I must confess that I need space in my office, but I guess that's because I never seem to get around to tidy.....

see you there! said...

You have a lovely serene place to sit and write your thoughts. I'm another one who still sends and receives a lot of snail mail so having a quiet space for that is important.

Darla - came by via Britt-Arnhild