Wednesday, August 30, 2006

my memory box..

when you remember.. someone you love.. you remember her-him.. in his favorite spot.. doing his favorite occupation.. at least I do..
well my mother loved to be a teacher.. she was very strict about her profession.. and she loved crafting.. and she loved talking with me.. about all.. when I read a book I liked.. it was a half- pleasure for me.. if I couldn't read the parts I liked best to her..
and she liked listening to french poems I was learning at school.. even though she didn't understand all.. she liked the rhyme of it..
so this is a memory box for her..
I remember.. all the buttons .. from the dresses she wore..the embroidery thread.. the small yellowish soap she used for transfering the pattern onto fabric..her photo with a student of her kneeling by her side.. the surrounding crewelwork is part has a fun story.. when I get married and visited her in her house.. I always remarked something that I forgot to ake to my new home.. and took them with me.. once.. she came handing this lacework to me.. saying.. that's the last thing you left here.. what is it?? I asked .. it was on the edge of your first baby underwear.. that I had kept.. and that's the last thing you'll take away from here..

the paper handwritten by me.. it's the poem..lake ''Le Lac'' de Lamartine.. that she liked to french.. and that I translated to her..
<< Ô temps, suspends ton vol ! et vous, heures propices,
Suspendez votre cours !
Laissez-nous savourer les rapides délices
Des plus beaux de nos jours !>>

I think this is a good collage.. in her memory.. it is in my small craft room.. I like having her things around me.. while crafting.. reading..


dogfaeriex5 said...

i am that way about my mom's mom-baba(we called her)..i like having things around me that remind me of her, she could make something out of nothing whether is was something to eat or a craft , she was a wonderful woman and we all miss her is weird but sometimes i can smell her around me as does my sister and our 2cousins..she was loved by all..her name was marie..xoxo~k

One Crabapple said...

It is a wonderful collage and a wonderful way to remember your mother. She would have loved to see this collage and the way you have arranged all of the little bits and pieces into such a lovely piece .

You had a good relationship with your mother. She loved you very much. I could almost see you sitting reading french to her.

I enjoyed hearing you and your french poem that much more having the picture of you and your mother in my mind.

What a precious gift - the lace from your baby clothing - knowing she saved it and wanted you to have it. She knew how much you would love that.

I can tell that you miss her very much.

Hanna said...

I love taht memory box. It looks nice. It's a nice way to make a memorial for someone you love and you sound like you love her alot.

Janet said...

What a lovely idea!