Thursday, August 31, 2006

some crafts from the archives.. I mean my home..

when I started to blog in turkish.. I thought this would be a hobby-craft blog..
because ..I wanted to and tricks.. possibilities.. of crafts..
well.. I have friends.. good friends in real-life .. but we are all in a very hectic '' big city'' ..full-time working life.. and I am the only one who is crafting among them.. my friends prefer to be more social.. going to sports.. doing yoga and reiki.. for relaxing.. I'm the only one who likes.. creating..and this is my zen attitude towards life.. I like all sorts of crafts.. I started when I was a student.. when knitwears were in fashion.. but when I started to my professional full time work..there was a period I did nothing..
and I restarted when my son and daugter were small.. my mother sick.. and when I had the least of time..
I decided to change a mahogany veneer cupboard which was the biggest furniture in the house.. when I stripped it on a sudden decision.. everybody was very suspicious about me.. they thought..I couldn't finish it.. or that it wouldn't be good.. I remember one of them saying.. maybe I should try my hand with a smaller piece .. like a tray..but I did finish.. and I was successful.. I used it a long time in a distressed hunter green colour..
I painted.. stencilled.. decoupaged.. crackled .. papier-maché..yes I did it too.. embroidered.. knitted .. crocheted.. sewn.. did some patchworks.. bead embroidery.. some jewel making..and when I showed these to my friends and family.. I just heard the same reaction.. how can you find the time to.. ??
I thought that if I have a blog and find myself some crafting friends.. I would share more.. discuss about the crafting.. not about how we find the time to do it =)) and my friends would have a rest.. It's hard to look like interested when you are not..
but I also noticed that having a blog.. makes your ideas.. and memories go further than you mean.. and I have had many non-crafter blogger friends as well..
and now I am in a new circle.. I have my advantages .. I have visited regularly.. most of the crafter-gardener bloggers.. and I know them.. their reactions.. some of their memories.. even their styles.. and I know as well.. that this will be a new circle of friends.. new sharings.. new horizons.. I know this cannot be just a craft blog.. as my first mail can demonstrate.. as I always say.. creating is full of sentiments.. well it will go along.. crafts and sentiments..
for some first mails.. I will attach the photos of some of my crafts.. and write about this and that.. so that.. the other bloggers.. who will come and visit me.. ( I hope).. have the opportunity of getting to know me.. as I do know them..
and I will try my skills in this.. media_art craft and silk ribbon embroidery two crafts I like very much.. and have never tried ..
the picture above is a modern and simple version of the classical tulip embroidery design.. the pattern is from my mother's pattern book.. she was teaching turkish embroidery at school.. and sometimes she dreamed about new patterns.. and made the mornings.. I have some modified classical Ottoman embroideries made by her too.. that I will picture and share as well.. maybe tou will show me new ways of using them..
For these pillows that I have on my bed..I made the simplest possible bead-embroidery .. if we can call it so.. because I transfered the pattern on the linen and filled in with beads and sequins..


One Crabapple said...

YOur pillows are lovely.

That was alot of beading you did !

I had many smiles as I read through your entry.

Yes it is funny to have friends that see your artwork and pat you on the head and smile and sort of "tolerate" your explanations on your project.

The worst response to one of your creations is : So what do you do with it ?

Nothing ! I don't HAVE to do ANYTHING WITH IT ! But I DID have to create and do my art !

And the other worst question " how do you find the time to do this ?"

I don't know... how do you find time to BREATHE ! ?

maverick said...

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