Wednesday, September 26, 2007

bloglandia ball and Chang'e

I have always loved ball dresses..
and fancy accessories..
and .. tailor's mannequins..

when I have learned there is a ball project going on..
I loved it..
the idea.. of making my own ball dress and go to bloglandia ball

I have also read about the moon festival.. that Sandy has mentionned..
I learned a lot..
about Chang'e.. and the traditions..
I even have a plan..
of litting lanterns.. and preparing a place for the moon girl..
of putting some toiletries at this place..
under the moonlight.. and wish for.. beauty.. and love.. (more is never enough)..
then I will fly off to the ball..
wearing this dress..
I have designed..
and taken the picture.. while it is still on the tailor's mannequin itself..

I don't have a real sized one..
and even if I had..
I don't do real sewing..
small things..embellishment..refashioning..
that is all I can handle..

but..I have one ideal for holding accessories..
which stands on my dressing table..
I couldn't loose the opportunity of using it..
for this miniature ball dress could I.. and I didn't..

I have also prepared a collar..
a pompom fur collar.. perfect for exaggerating .. =P

a close up to show the details of the model and the material I used to do it..
velvet.. and lace.. and fur.. and black.. love the combination..
a strapless and sequin bordered top..
a baloon mini skirt.. both in velvet..
the lace part goes over the mini skirt part.. and makes the dress romantic..
it goes high and it has a fluffy volume..something I can't wear in real life..
not to show off my gorgeous figure =P..
but a bloglandia ball is the perfect place to be showy..

to go with the dress..a perfect handbag..
and heigh heeled fancy shoes..
not made of crystal..
I am nor cindrella anymore..
but of porcelain..

come from miles around..
to hear the music makers..
bring your friends and children too
to hear the music makers..
have some fun out in the country..
celebrate the music in the open air..

who's song was it..

does anyone remember??


I wish I wish dear Chang'e..
that I this dress be the first of the others to follow..


Jo Anne Owens said...

I love your music and your lovely Ball gown! It look and sounds as though you are ready for the BALL!

rochambeau said...

OOOhhhh your dress, your lantern, your bag and shoes!! are you ready or what?

Let Dance the night away!!


Lea said...

Hello Pinar! I am delighted to meet you! And your gown, oh so lovely, the combination of crystal, shape, and velvet black are perfect!!! What a fun time at this gala event! And the music here, is so wonderful to dance to! I love it! So, let's dance!!!

sue said...

Beautiful ensemble, all around! I love the music-who is it? It's fun!

Sandra Evertson said...

OH, My ,My! I love this dress and purse and shoes!
And let me just say Your blog banner is the best I have ever seen! It set me to Dreaming!
Sandra Evertson

She'sSewPretty said...

Beautiful!! Those shoes and handbag set your dress of just right!

eb said...

oh lovely Pinar - this is exquisite - thank you so much for joining us ...

now - can we dance together?

... and what is this fab music here on your blog? - please do tell me...

xox - eb.

AnnieElf said...

Hi! What fun it was to see you again last night, you and all my other dancing sisters. Have a fabulous day and be sure to wear that pretty dress more than once.

LMS(oceandreamer) said...

Oh my word what a beautiful ensemble, from the lantern to the shoes and all inbetween. gorgeous!
So nice to meet you, there is mirth and merriment everywhere!
Dance dance dance!

Cre8Tiva said...

velvet fur and pansy handbag abd i love them......glad to meet you a dance for me...blessings, rebecca

AnastasiaC said...

just stunning - your dress is very elegant!!!
perfect for a dance!

Linda said...

You look so exotic! Come dance!

tinker said...

Very chic! Love the accessories, too. What an entrance you'll make in this at the ball.

Scrappy Moments said...

Love Your Ball Gown and The shoes and Little purse with the pansies are so sweet, I love Pansies.


Leslie said...

It was Donovan. (

Love your dress!

Artist in Progress said...

Just beautiful. Enjoy your evening dancing and mingling with the guests.

Carol M

Pinkie Denise said...

Love your beautiful dress thanks for sharing with us. Still swaying under the moonlight Pinkie

Heartinmyhand said...

Your dress is beautiful. Love the shoes and hand bag

lauren said...

what an absolutely divine and exquisite dress! ...and matching accessories, too...?! mmmmmmmm! :)

Cre8Tiva said...

love your blog and art...thanks for the dance...blessings, rebecca

The Rose Room said...

beautiful! xo

tongue in cheek said...

Pinar the black lace and crystals are a touch of elegance ! Divine. I love your dress. dance the night away!

One Crabapple said...

oh Pinar !! This dress is GORGEOUS !

The shoes and handbag with crystals and beautiful.

I see you dancing in them....a True Beauty !

I loved your idea of placing gifts out under the moon for more beauty and dreaming of Chang'e...

ohhh so very late in getting here.

I have been going down the list of links on EB's blog and here I am Finally to YOURS !

Beautiful Wonderful Y O U R S !!!

I bet this looks absolutely perfect with Your Wild Red Hair !!!

Here is to you My Friend (always)
I lift my glass to Your Sparkle.

This blog looks different. I am off to see what other delights you have posted and CHANG'es you have made....

Happy Autumn ! Love, S.