Saturday, September 22, 2007

Back again.. ?th time =)

Short summary..

I am back..
I have finished my holiday time.
As every year, I went to my summer house in the southern part of Aegean sea.
Beautiful surroundings,pine forests, fresh sea breeze,the cicadas (les cigalles.. as a more romantic saying) , no news, no tv, no disturbances.
It was a rejuvenating refreshing zen like experience to my much harcelled soul.

I decided to call it my iguana holiday.
No more movements than just the necessary ones, and in a very slow motion speed.
Not an attractive holiday style for those who like the lively.. sportive leisure time..
But I do have a most culturally active and lively city life during winter, so
a bit of inactivity will do no harm.

When back..
I finished school preparations of the kids.
have out-grown all their school uniforms,it is funny to notice how they grow during summer,dear passion flowers of mine =);
and they have already started their school.

So... I can restart blogging .
I can restart to tell you about my my kitchen.. even in my hobby room.. I hope..
Don't worry, no more lamenting on this blog, even though there is a lot to worry about in my country.
I have decided to share my feelings and I will let you know what happens in here, from time to time.

First amongst all..
Daily life..

I am trying to tidy up nowadays..
tidy up the house and the garden too..
The ecological changes have struck my small garden ..
As we were warned about the limitation of water consumption in Istanbul..
this summer, I had not planted any perennials.
Some self seeding plants have come out by themselves ..
but they were not very happy to be here..

Even at the hottest time of the summer.. I have watered the remaining evergreens ..
just enough to not let them die back totally..
those of you who take care of a garden must know it becomes like your kid..
you start to care about it with passion..
and it really frustrated me.. to see them bend their necks during day time..
we just survived the summer .. my garden and me..
and now the rainy days are doing them so me too following the hot hot humid weather..
My pear tree had plenty of fruits.. they have got ripe in a week..
they re all waiting to be picked up.. and to be cooked.. My preferred
a cinnamon scented golden puree that I use while making pear pies..cookies..

I have also started to make plans for next year..
I will dig up a few evergreens and relocate them for a more balanced look..
change the place of the garden seats..
re-arrange the decorations to be visible from the inside..
and change the soil of the house plants..and take them inside..including the tree ..
Do you remember.. my ''tree in the house''..once again will be moved into the house..
the same as I did for the last 19 yrs..

Habits.. routines.. things we are accomodated to do.. are building a security wall around us..
this is an undistinguished wall .. that we notice if we loose or fear to loose it..

I wish to all of you .. a wonderful beautiful autumnal weekend..
and start my daily round on your blogs ..


tongue in cheek said...

It must be ESP! I thought of you, came here and You are HERE!


Happiness to you.

Britt-Arnhild said...

Great to have you back Pinar. Thanks for letting me know by leaving a comment in my blog.
Of course I remember your indoor tree. Give it a blow from me :-)

My daughter is going to Rhodos for a week today. One day they will visit Turkey.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Sounds like the perfect break in a lovely spot. Good to have you back :-)

Cat said...

Nice to hear from you Pinar. Nice to read that you are attempting to return life to some form of normalcy.

Glad you are back.

jessica said...

hello pinar,
nice to see you here.
yes, your tree, i remember in a past post.
look forward to your writings.