Tuesday, September 25, 2007

a weekend's story..

(see.. I am here.. after just 2 days.. I will soon start writing daily.. as I used too.. )

the weekend..
I have worked a while in the garden..
and I noticed that I enjoy to garden on autumn sundays.. more than I do on spring sundays..

well I have finally found the reason =P
I am running away from kids who are doing the first weekend-homeworks of the scholar year...
they have so many excuses to get off the desks..to ask me .. questions..
to not to use dictionnaries..
so many distractions.. that I feel a swelling inside me..
and I fly off to the garden.. before exploding..

nope here they come .. they follow me outside..
all they want is motherly love and tenderness.. they say =)

''how do we say it is nice hot.. but I don't want the word ''warm''..
I want it to be sophisticated.. and I want to use it for describing the weather..
well the one thing I am not good at.. is translation..
I think and talk.. in all the languages I know..
I am forced to answer..
well .. eee...lemonade?? ..
he went on..
is this an adjective .. lemonade weather.. or what??..
I tried to run off.. but he insists..
finally.. WE have taken the dictionnary..
WE.. because.. he didn't by himself..
(is the dictionnary a wild animal or what else)..
I did.. taking him at my sides..

so I have managed to change some pots..
to rince pebbles and decors..
to take some things in .. some out..
I saluted a few snails and slugs..
they are so few this year due to hothothot weather..
that I salute them when I meet them .. they are under protection this year.. =P

I re-arrenged my pots.. at the front porch..
and placed some candle holders.. around them ..
I scissored the overgrown ivy..
and I have found the spare keys of the car..
DH was looking for them for a month..
they were under the ivy..
no-one knows how they have got there..

I did the things I promessed.. my hobby room.. remember..
the green heaven of mine

I have read blogs..
beautiful posts about crafts ..
and visiting Sandy I have noticed I am just on time for my fancy dress and join the bloglandia ball
well you will hear from me too..

I read your comments.. and enjoyed them so much.. thanks for not forgetting this crazy woman..

I have changed a bit my blog's appearence..
grey.. is the autumn sky.. cool..
the image at the top of the page..
is Istanbul..
the ships are called ''vapur'' .. dating back to the french.. ''à vapeur'' ..(steam-boat)..
they are not steamed any more.. but the word is used for ''ship''.. in Istanbul.. although the we have a perfect ''gemi'' for all Türkiye.. Istanboulotes prefer vapur..
oh I live in a peculiar city =)

the vapurs.. and the seagulls.. and the beautiful lavender coloured sky.. the bluish-greenish sea.. they are perfect for the blog..

there are some more changes..
I have prepared a corner on the right side..
things under protection..
this will be a corner for people I have loved but not met in person..
people or objects who need to be protected.. and remembered.. from my point of view..
for my personal reasons.. I will tell you about them.. their stories.. ou might finf interesting too..
I have added.. the links of my three blogs in turkish..
just to see how they are..

I will change the music..
and sometimes the words..
as I love.. misty voices..( and misty voices) man or female.. we will hear some misty turkish rock groups..
'' to be happy is in your power..
do not forget..
they don't appreciate.. do not cheat yourself..
do not wear yourself out..''
there will also be some other changes..

we'll see .. we'll see..

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Mrs. Staggs said...

Pinar, I am glad that you have returned to your blog, and that you are finding peace in your creating and gardening.
I think you are very good at translating and have a wonderful way of expressing yourself.
Best wishes to you.