Wednesday, July 23, 2008

mass-crafting .. is it possible??

I have noticed ..I am crafting in mass..
this is principally contraversial to the idea of hand crafting..
each piece has to be unique isn't it.. this is the magic of being crafted..
but it feels as if I am participating to "changing rooms" program of BBC =P..
myself alone.. as the whole team..

last sunday DH was on duty so..
I have..found time for re-decorating the back garden ..

some parts of the banc were broken and changed ..
so I had to paint it..
but on the way home I have bought the summer copy of Marie Claire Idées..
I love this mag..
it is full of stylish ideas to make yourself a beautiful and sereine niche..
what creates a problem for me.. is that I don't have so many places to decorate as the mag inspires..
so I change constantly..=P..

this time on the last page..
there was an "ardoise effect painting" technique which I loved..

back home.. I have found out that I have all that I need.. black paint.. white paint .. mother of pearl looking effect paint.. so.. I have first started with the seat..
while waiting between coats.. I have repainted the sewing machine's metal base, the tray, some pots.. all ardoise looking now.. and some garden accessories all in different shades of grey..
it was another "different materials.. same paint" weekend..
just to keep a note of it..
wood, MDF, metal, wicker, plastic and clay..

the mother of pearl colour effect is just perfect.. dries quickly and shines under the sun..=)
and you can see some inspirating images and ideas from the online mag by clicking on the front pages..

here are the results..

I had seen a picture of a real ardoise sitting on a sewing machine and topped with geraniums in pots.. I think in BHG ..
I loved the look..
but couldn't find anything like this..
now the old butler's tray is fake-ardoise..
as the pots of flower stay humid on the underside.. the tray was getting mouldy very soon..
and in the search of finding something suitable ..
I have placed the metal rack - shaped trivet from IKEA.. which was just the size of the tray..
the two broken purple glass wineglasses fit in the metal lantern holders =P.. who's lanterns were broken..
I've also fixed the windchime's missing crystal.. which now shines between the greenery..

I loved the overall look.. and..
poured some white wine,
have lit some candles..
and sat listening to my little fountain.. until very late...

I am working a lot these days..
plus I am writing memories of my mother..
in my turkish blog..

the broken lamp is still hanging in the room..
I am now starting to think.. maybe I will re-look it too..
any ideas.. ???


Alper said...

Are Mr. and miss Brown going to sea side ?

pinar said...

nice to see you alper..
I am sure you'll enjoy the crafting atalet =P......

Oya said...

my dearest pinar,
I am envying you right now,
as always I do..
and I am going to ask you again:
from where do you find this energy
to manage all these stuff?
you shouldn't be human..
an angel maybe? :)

and I am also sorry for your foreign readers,
that they couldn't read the memories of your mother..
we are lucky :)

and finally,
a little idea maybe..
if you don't have any,
and if you have enough space,
you could have a hammock in your garden..
cushions on it..
candles around it..
smell of the flowers around..
a glass of wine in your one hand,
and a book in another..

at least,
thats my fantasy :)

kissessss :)

Britt-Arnhild said...

Mass-crafting, or a need to create.

Have a blessed time when you keep on with your craftring.