Monday, July 14, 2008

united by colour =)

we have a saying in my country.. yuvayı dişi kuş yapar..
which means .. the its the female bird who builds the nest..
I am a vigorous woman's rights defendant..
and find a submissive side in these sayings..
but sure we woman have a domestic.. a nester side..

I love to sit down and look around and caress the cosy corners..
the memory filled corners of the house.. by a sooths me..
even though they don't stay the way I arrange them .. for a long time..
there are too many fiddling fingers around..=P

but after all..sundays are "my" days..
I love being at home..
and relax..

when I say relax.. I mean "not being on a schedule" ..
that really is enough..=)..
I cannot sit still to relax.. to many things keep calling me.. from within the drawers.. boxes..closets..mags.. and blogs..

we had a re-decoration last week..
all the house was under construction.. we have changed the shape of three rooms..
build a wall and demolished another..
lots of work to do.. and it was tiring because I had to go to work daily..

but it was worth it.. I love the new colours and the new dressing room and everthing..

as I had to look through all the closets.. and boxes.. I have.. found lots of unused accessories..

nowadays I love creamy colours.. they sooth me..
I love vibrant colours too ..
but I get tired of them very soon..

armed with a sponge.. some acrylic paints.. my hot glue gun.. bits and pieces.. and coffee..
I have attacked every single mismatching.. kept in the box object..

this angel is a plastic.. not really good looking lady..
but it is "precious" because it was given to my husband by our daughter..
when he was very sick..
and he placed it.. next a photo of himself.. as his personal guardian angel..
she now looks precious as well.. in a verdigris finish..

and all the cheap.. expensive..
once in my taste now not.. objects..
wood, acrilic, plastic,metal, even a candle .. united by colour..
and they ended up.. in cream.. gold.. verdigris..

a few tassels.. a few silk flower petals..
and here are some of my confections..
in a temporary small vignette =)..

I deserved this dinner didn't I.. risotto with mushroom and cool white wine..
in the evening listening to my windchimes..
and calculating how many re-looked objects did I have..

5 matching picture frames..
one big candle..
an angel..
two lampbases..
two trays..

this.. is a good list of a very productive woman..
oh and did I mention I also started to paint a high gloss varnish covered..
ordinary round coffee table, to make a show center for my vignette..
it is already halfway done..

keep working girl..
keep working..

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Britt-Arnhild said...

Oh Pinar, you are really being creative. Lovely photos.

I haven't startet to weave my lavenders yet. I am not quite sure how to do it.

We came home from vacation late Monday night. After work yesterday it was time for unpacking and tidying/dusting/cleaning the livingroom. When all was done, I played with some stones and shells I gathered while travelling. Made a cosy "corner", a stilleben, on the livingroom table.