Thursday, October 02, 2008

perfect desk .. part two..

I have accumulated lots of things..on my to do list..
and I have decided to go spot by spot..

the upstairs bathroom is finished.. I will add some pictures later..
next will come the powder room..
for the moment I am playing around my desk ..

I have surfed to find some inpirations about how to embellish my mail organizer..

it is dear to my heart..

they threw this beauty out while they were decorating the clinics at the hospital..

and my DH brought it home ..

I painted it in a pale bue and used it for years.. it started to look distressed.. now it is time to change the look ..
first I  tried my hand on stamping a classical architectural pattern and a fleur de lys pattern in purple paint..
but I didn't like it..
then I repainted it in grey..

and I added some more lace..
no lace is enough for me..
even at the workspace..=P


this time I used some purple lace ..
I had bought it to trim a blouse I had..
and there was some leftover in my ribbon box.. cut to size..
and pasted to the mail organizer..
it looks great.. isn't it??
we don't have Mod podge in here.. so I use a paste I prepare... I mix wall paper adhesive and some white glue.. which dries clear ..and embeds even heavy papers and fabrics..and surfaces whatever I am pasting..
then I varnish with some water based varnish..

now it looks fine to me..
maybe some purple lines on the edges.. will make it more tailored..
I will also  add a tassel or a monogram in the center..
a diamante monogram  maybe..

I have lined the inside of the drawer with some old book pages..
a friend of mine.. gave me some old books.. which belonged to her mother..
they are french detective novels and some classics as well..

some were torn and the covers were missing..
I keep the ones which are in good condition.. read them.. use them as display pieces..
but the torn ones..
I have decided to use them for crafting..
I had seen on Martha how to do the scented paper for drawers..
I made my own way..
I have first covered a piece of cardboard with these papers then put it in big nylon bag.. added some lavender oil.. and left it closed for some days..
then I placed it in the drawer..

It smells wonderful when I leave the drawer half open..
isn't life too short not to enjoy..
we shouldn't miss any moment..

I showed the picture of the prosperity bowl..
this is a story I have learned this summer on holiday..
a very beautiful lady sitting at the boot on the open market in alaçatı..
told me.. that purple is a depressive colour..
but it also is the colour of prosperity..
I knew about depression..although this colour inspires me and feels me up with energy..
but prosperity..
she said.. during the ottoman empire..
the banknotes were printed with purple ink..

so colour purple became the symbol of prosperity for anatolian people..
that suits me..
I love when we mix up all things and beliefs..
this is globalization to me..
this lady told me to put some coins  some water in it (my own tabletop wishing well)
and to put it to the west side of my house .. which is the prosperity side.. in Feng Shui..
I smiled..
and did it..
why not..


I have bought three of these bowls one big and two very tiny ones..
one of them sits on my desk.. =)
to remind me.. to mix and match different energies to embellish my life..


attention to the fine details at the tulip pattern..tulip bulbs originated from turkiye.. and the stylised tulip design is used for embroidery.. ceramic painting.. miniatures.. and all kind of graphic  arts..

still to do at the deskplace..

some holders..and a suitable tassel and monogram for the mail organizer..


Britt-Arnhild said...

Lovely Pinar.

If you send me your address I'll send you a letter from Norway on original Italian paper . for your desk and box.

Joy said...

Oh, everything looks so pretty! You've inspired me to make some lavender smelling paper liner. I love the old pages that you've used.