Friday, September 01, 2006

new life for old kitchen table

this small table was given to me by a friend.. It was his mother's old kitchen table.. and he was throwing it away.. I like old simple furniture .. and I asked him to give it to me.. first I had to take off three layers of vinyl covers from the top.. then I stripped.. I don't know how many layers of oil paints.. and I painted it.. as this is an old table and I wanted it to stay this way.. I tried a distressed paint technique .. and inspired by a swedish pattern I saw in a decorative painting book..I prepared a simple leaf stencil by cutting the cover of an old plastic folde with crafting knife... a few coats of varnish.. VO─░LA.. paired with an old chair.. stands in the hallway..of my summer cottage..

the box is a 'vide-poche' as the french say.. it's for the small bits and pieces you have in your pockets when you come in .. it'a decoupage..stencil..and crackled- antiqued box.. I like them as they are.. a very swedish-french look..


dogfaeriex5 said...

i love things that come with a story or ones that you find in shops that you can only "imagine" their stories...thank-you for sharing!
enjoy the weekend~k

One Crabapple said...

this table came out wonderful !

I love the leaf pattern idea and want to try it myself on something.

You are clever ! I like this little table ! And the "vide pouche" - is perfect with the table !

I have learned some french as well here today !
how many languages do you speak ??

xo- S.