Friday, October 27, 2006

tree-house..or tree-in-the-house..childhood dreams..

Hollywood has such a worldwide effect .. spreading dreams.. traditions..
I had seen so many movies.. starting from my early childhood days.. so many movies.. showing..the countyside life in the USA..
white houses.. with century old trees in the back gardens.. tree-houses.. serving as club houses to children of the neighbourhood.. and swings made of ald tires.. and swings.. over the verandahs.. where old ladies are sitting during the hot summer days.. drinking lemonade.. always finding the wise questions or answers.. to those who come in and out of the houses.. and at the late hours of the evening.. youngsters flirting.. waiting for late coming boy friends..on the same swings..
as a child I always wished to have a tree house to climb on.. for reading my book in the silence.. and keeping an eye over everything.. everybody.. unnoticed..
but I was an urban kid.. I must confess a lucky one.. because at the house we lived with my parents.. we had a garden.. big for the city.. envied bu most of my friends.. with apple trees.. pear trees.. roses.. lots of them..
and annuals perrenials.. some veggies even.. but it was a medium size.. and had no such big tree to have a tree house built in.. we had swings.. but no-tree house..
and I am a lucky woman.. living in the most popular part of Istanbul.. and having a small garden.. where I have apple trees.. a pear tree.. a few roses.. and flowers.. but no veggies..
but one special tree is very important to me.. My ficus benjaminus..
this was a wedding present.. and it was so small when it arrived at our first rented flat.. that it could be hidden behind an armchair.. with nothing left out.. 60 cm height.. smallish..
and it moved with us to everywhere.. for 17 years..
my house doesn't receive much sunshine during the day.. indirect light comes in in the early morning.. until 11 am.. and then it is shady.. good for the summer.. bad for the benjie.... so he is starting to shed his leaves.. 10-20 per day by the end of the seems as though he cries.. light .. light..
but when march arrives.. I put it outside.. under the rain.. and the sunshine.. and it starts to grow again..aved by the summer.. until next winter.. I took him in.. this sunday.. as it started to get quite cold during the nights.. then made myself a coffee.. and tried to place it in the living room.. it became so big.. in all those years he passed with us.. that I thought ... even if I did not have a house-on-a-tree.. I now have a tree-in-the-house.. =))

I placed two small armchairs.. and a chess table.. under it.. facing the armchairs.. towards the garden.. this will be fun to view.. the snow.. and the rain at the point of my feet.. and sitting warm and happy.. under my tree.. =))

if someone calls me ..

-mummy.. where are you??

-under my tree I will respond.. fun..

and it has decorations too.. home made.. windchimes.. that one is the one I love especially..

I made it by painting a 10 cm high flower pot in purple.. than sponge painting in white.. cutting some ivy leaves in air drying clay.. for which I used some real leaves from the garden.. as a pattern.. and I painted them.. in white.. when dry.. sticking some to the base of the pot.. hanging two of them.. from the base hole.. by a ribbon ( purple of course).. it looks sooo shabby chic..and is hung along with another one .. of which the decor is not ivy leaves and a small candle holder.. in the shape of a birdhouse.. white as well..

if you are looking out for me.. I am under my tree.. so similar to my childhood dreams..

what were your dreams??


Britt-Arnhild said...

What a treasure this tree :-)
I used to dream of having a playhouse during my chikdhooc. When our first daughter was born my husband and father in law built a playhouse for her, we even moved it with us when we moved 5 years ago. The house was never her dream though, so she never played much in it.....

autum said...

Oh what a sweet post. I love your tree-in-the-house :) I too am a very lucky girl. I live in a rural area and have a yard full of trees. I also have a porch with rocking chairs and a porch swing. Thank you for this post to remind me of how fortunate I am and not to take things like the trees for granted. Have a wonderful weekend.

jessica said...

what a wonderful story.
how fabulous your tree looks in your home.
what a magical place to be.
lucky you are and lucky is your tree.
i would love to have a cup of tea with you under your tree in your house.

Mrs. Staggs said...

Oh Pinar, your blog is quickly becoming one of my favorites! You write so well about seeing the beauty that is found in daily ritual and the things around us.
I feel as if you truly do celebrate life every day. I think your tree is magnificent! I still dream of one day having a big wrap around front porch with ferns and that porch swing you've mentioned. I had a bit of an unsettled life growing I guess my biggest childhood dream was to feel peaceful and settled in a home of my own with my books and flowers around me.

One Crabapple said...

YOur tree is beautiful !
I could almost hear you calling out -
"I am here, under My Tree!"
You are right, what fun !

My dream was to have a room with bookshelves floor to ceiling all around. And a fireplace and a bean bag chair.

I used to tell my Mother I was sure that My House would have this room one day. My Dream Room. She asked if she would be allowed in to read with me. "Of course !", I said .

One Crabapple said...

And your windchime is so pretty !
You made that ???
Very nice ! you are so artistic Pinar !
I love the leaves.