Tuesday, November 04, 2008

more threads forgotten crafts and a memorial box...



ikinci kutu

let's have a look in the second box.. I had in the craft room.. untouched..


it looks messy..

kanavice manzara 

there are sone cross stiches unfinished or unused..this one I have started to make 16 yrs ago.. ohho..

I couldn't find the matching threads and ranged it until I find these...

than .. forgotten..

kanavice ev

a small detail of the house..

it looks x-masy.. does anybody has any idea of how to use it .. when finished..  if finished.. an idea which will push me to finish it..

I don't want to hang it or make a piilow.. I have too many.. not in the style of my house any more.. all ranged in the closet.. waiting for their days to come back..

kahve ornek

this one was ment to be framed and hung in my mother's summer house..

coupled with a larger one.. and to be used as a kitchen divider.. but never finished..

bitmemis gul

another one..

not finished but.. newer.. compared to the others..

now I dn't want to blame myself.. I have many finished ones..

finished and used.. and now stored..

how many unfinished projects can a girl have.. and for how many years..

I still have boxes to open.. for example this one..

very precious to me..

dmc yazi

can you see.. the hand written swap notice on it..to a friend of her..


here  a closeup..

this is the signature of my mother..

on some days and for some special occasions  she added a beak at the point pf the S scribbled two small claws .. and it became a bird..=P

she wrote.. take any colour you want.. and give me cyclamen coloured ones..

this is a very precious box..

because this is the only memorial of her handwriting..

and keeps.. within..


her favorite colours..

now that all is remembered and ranged .. I can go on with the lace crafts I have finished..


saklambaç said...

kaç tane bitirilmemiş projesi olur ve kaç yıl sürer demişsin ya.
o-hoooo demek istedim sadece.
hayatın kendisi bile bitirilmemiş proje olabilecek gibi geliyor bana bazen.

Jen r. said...

I give you a ton of credit! Those are beautiful! I hope you finish them!