Sunday, November 09, 2008

perfect office part three.. lace and sequins..

I have processed further with my lace projects..

here is a photo of

where we were.. and what we were talking lacey mat board and  mail organizer;

morning cofee morning hapiness

I have a long list of thigs I love..

it is no secret any more that I love purple.. a deep plum colour.. they say it is a depressive colour.. they say it is the adolescent's favorite colour.. but my mum used to say.. it is the the colour of adventure.. I prefer this version.. I have also learned it is the colour of aristocracy.. and prosperity.. for me.. it is just purple..

I love.. office stores and all the staff about writing and doing office work..

so when I find knick knacks in this marvellous bright  colour..purple.. I have to get them.. my stapler.. staple remover and even staple box are new finds..

but you cannot find everything you dream about.. sometimes.. you have to work to reach your dreams..

so did I ..inspired from jane's apron post about office chic..I.. redesigned an old and boring punch to match my new stappler  ..

zımba before

a punch.. some lace..some glue and some sequins.. can make wonders.. in a short time..

 zımba malzeme 3before

to reach..a perfect punch..


 zimba after


 zimba after grup

to go with the purple office necessities..

zimba after grup

now I don't have any more excuses I have to file all those cut outs and bills and reports etc...

enjoy your sunday..


other office embellishment projects..

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Jen r. said...

What a great idea for your punch!