Sunday, November 16, 2008

sofa cover and soup to blog..

I love being at home..

"totally home".. cosying myself..

I have been home today.. reading.. writing.. having coffee.. chatting with the kids..

my dh was on duty and when he came back in the late afternoon.. all he wanted was some soup..

he didn't have to tell me.. I always have some soup ready for him when he comes in..


this is an easy and warming winter soup.. yoghurt.. corn.. green peas.. chick peas ..homemade macaroni and dry mint.. is all you need.. you then add some butter and red pepper sauce over.. for more colour and warmth..

while he rested I have uploaded these photos of the things I have re-styled lately..

kanape before

I have recovered this sofa in my daughter's room..

don't criticise me..  It had a nice throw  over for the last months ..

my kids love to eat .. while they are reading.. watching tv.. and you know kids.. they drop things.. and mothers try to wipe..

with the throw on.. the stains were not visible but I knew they were there..and even knowing that this dirty look is due more to wiping and  cleaning trials  than  stains themselves..  it disturbed me.. a lot..

but I had to wait until it diturbs my daughter as well..

otherwise this is  a very comfortable and double duty sofa.. it becomes the guest bed in her room.. when she has friend.. apart from the really yucky cover it is in a very good condition..this fabric with which it was covered  was not stain resistant as the saleperson affirmed  .. but stain appealing.. and the result is this..awful..

so today is the day.. she finally asked me to make something to embellish her sofa..

I needed a quick homemade   result.. and here comes.. some black fabric.. /as every teen ager around she is at her " black period" so this will be a temporary solution until her tastes calm down..=P / stapler..and scissors..

here is the result..


a very tailored look.. quite masculine..

we left the armrests as they were.. because she liked the style.. and I accepted as.. there was no stain.. 

I try to leave them the decisions about their room both of my child.. they have to experiment and live with their decision  some time.. to be able to make better decisions in the future..

and we also decided to change the covers of some pillows..


the others were already fine.. a knitted cream coloured.. and ..


a huge one from ikea..

now she is happy with her sofa.. her room.. she is enthousiastic about inviting her friends.. for a night stand..=)..

a happy dh and a happy daughter means a girl  can blog..=) without being disturbed..


Britt-Arnhild said...

Lucky husband to get this delicious soup. Soup is always a favorite in The Blue Care.

Oh my, you have really been creative lately! Thanks for the show.

nikkicrumpet said...

Great job on the sofa. I like how it turned out and I'm sure she was really happy. It's nice to have such a talented mom!