Wednesday, November 12, 2008

ready steady.. purple..

I live in a small town house.. and when we come home.. we put everything down right into the living room.. when we go upstairs we remember to have forgotten this or that..

when I do some crafts in the living room.. or take photos.. all the materials.. magazins everything stays there to..

I am tired of going up and down again..

what is worst is that sometimes we leave them until the weekend..and it is very time consuming to range a whole week's clutter..

so I have decided we really need a stair basket.. something chic and stylish..

something like this one..


the holding company

or even this one..








but I couldn't find something suitable at the stores..

so.. I transformed.. an old  jute beach bag some feathers..a clay duckling.. a garden decoration .. some cardboard.. actually a box lid.. paper.. glue paints..

here is my first tassel project.. and the stair bag..


a closeup of the tassel..


notice.. the upward arrow..

it reminds us what to do.. =)

I made it buy cutting an arrow shape from the boxlid.. then covering it with some layers of paper.. I left the paper crinkled and when it dried it had a nice texture.. then I painted it in light grey.. as well as the duckling garden decoration.. I was looking around the house for an object with a hole under.. and this picked up this one.. I didn't want to postpone this once again .. to choose the perrrfect object for my living room..

after all I can change it later.. and carry this one somewhere else.. =)..

now I grip it and take it upstairs every evening.. when I go to bed.. and range them.. at least put them in adequate rooms..

then.. in the morning I take it downstairs again.. stair patrol.. that's what it is..

although I may look funny in my nightgown and slippers.. in the very early morning.. carrying a beach bag..

and what does it hide inside.. today..??

çanta içi

a crafter's clutter...

can you imagine all those piled on the coffee table .. now at least they are out of sight..


style is nothing.. function and crafting is everything =P..

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Britt-Arnhild said...

Our stairs are always filled with stuff waiting to be taken up or down. Thanks for the basket idea :-)