Tuesday, December 05, 2006

decorations..and addiction..

didn't I tell you I have a lot of them..

and every year.. new additions.. this year some are from Ikea ( how romantic looking were those pearly ones and the diamanted ones..and some soft shiny ones.. shoe and tree shaped ones .. are a gift from my friend..toghether with some cristals she has hand made for me.. lilac and clear cristals..

I believe I have a softpoint for pleasure..it can turn out to become an addiction .. happy I never tried drugs.. I would never let go.. mine are harmless addictions..

when I love something..which means the feeling something gives me.. I need to have it all the time..soft toys once.. coffee .. from sunrise to dawn every moment I am awake .. a music .. the same music on a special cd.. I play it over and over again.. until it goes under my skin.. go to bed with it in my head.. get up with it..coats and shoes.. every woman loves shoes.. but I am like the wife of this asian dictator.. more than 1000.. well not because I don't live in a palace but.. the triple of all the family.... books.. never have enough of them.... craft material .. to see my stock you would be shocked.. I have yarn from my university days.. vintage yarn.. did you ever hear it.. Xmas decorations.. plants and decorations for the garden..the garden shop man-- sees me more often than my family.. during spring..mom said.. that if given some oney I would insist to swallow the bee.. =) it did not change.. maybe controlled a bit..

you should wait for such a woman to be able to fell in love.. and get mad about the object of her desire..

well this never happened.. =) ..I liked mostly the '' waiting for..and trying to see.. period'' after we came to know each other.. the magic vanished.. I know I know.. it vanishes in time.. but mine goes in a flash..

this reminds me a story of my mother.. In 1944 when she was a very pretty yaoung woman.. she went out with her brother.. and they met a friend of him.. she knew him by sight and liked him very much.. handsome man '' she said '' later.. and they went to drink lemonade at a coffee shop alltogether..

the poor guy must have his mouth dried in the presence of my mum.. he drank his lemonade at once.. and asked another one..

later my uncle.. asked her what she thinks about his friend.. she said..'' nothing.. not worth'' but he is very nice .. and handsome said my uncle.. '' he drinks lemonade too fast.. and she never accepted to see him again..

I mean it is not the lemonade that matters.. there is something that you didnot fancy to be that way.. and you have a deception when this happens.. and you turn your eyes for another not spoiled object ..

decorations never do that.. they don't deceive.. they are what they were in the shop when you bring them home .. shiny.. silent.. beautiful..

do you have a harmless addiction ??


Connie and Rob said...

So many...I just love to collect things. They are just little treasures that can bring me so much pleasure. My favorite right now is vintage postcards and teacups.

Hope we get to see you beautiful decorations when you have them up.


Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Happy tree triming!

Jill said...

Oh Pinar,
Many harmless addictions I have.Yours is shared with your family.

Such beautiful ornaments. I like the idea of pearly white with lavender, very soft and soothing...

Your birthday is two days after mine.

Anonymous said...
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Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

What a beautiful tree you have and a lovely home! I love seeing how everyone does up their homes. And it`s fantastic to see all the way into different countries like yours.