Saturday, December 09, 2006

parents.. can make you win the Nobel Prize

emotions.. and perceptions..
are all due to our relations with our parents..
is it true.??.

in so many ways..

did you watch the Nobel prize speech of the turkish writer.. Orhan Pamuk..

did you also read about the reactions about him winning the prize.. being on trial ..
in his country..
nothing I can say about the trial..

just an indian proverb..
do not decide about a man.. without wearing and staying in the man's shoes..

politics.. are not making us human..
emotions do..
he insisted on making his speech in turkish.. he has a fleuent english.. graduated from american college.. nowadays leaves in the USA..

and did not mention any of the political comments..
just emotions..
if you want to listen ..
what makes us human.. have a look..
there are links to many languages..


Jill said...


I try to live by the saying,

"Don't judge a man until you've walked a mile in his moccasins".

It is a difficult thing to do. We can be so judgemental sometime.

Your story was moving..

Britt-Arnhild said...

I bought one of his books at Røros yesterday, translated into Norwegian. Haven't read anything by him before.....

AnnieElf said...

I just finished reading a report on the events that surround this writer and I am encouraged to start reading his works.

Revisionist history does not serve anyone. I hope your nation can reconcile itself to its history and move forward. All will be better for it. There isn't a nation in the world that doesn't have something like this in its history. We are all guilty.

I hope the trial will actually be a touchstone for setting off a national debate and end official denial.

see you there! said...

Thanks for the link. After reading his lecture I went to my online library to request a few of his books. The one's I chose all had waiting lists but eventually I'll get to read them. I'll report back to you when I do.


One Crabapple said...

Hello ! and thank YOU.

I did see him on television Sunday night.

Because of the link you provided it was all the more special.

I had used it Sunday morning to read his speech ... l cried and it was beautiful.

Of course now I will find his book.

Thank you Pinar.
Love, S.

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