Sunday, December 03, 2006

tree finally decorated..

some things never show their ages.. but your's..
this decoration dates back to 1970 when I was a teenager..

this is one of the decorations I bought for my first new year tree..
It is called the new year tree.. in my country.. I am born on the 23 of december.. and we left school half day.. that day coming back home.. I only had the radio.. to keep me company.. and this is the memorial day of a turkish hero..and there were hymns and sorrow all over the place.. It is my birthday .. and my mother is not home gone working.. friends are at school.. radio is playing.. sorrow..
I said to my dad.. I want a tree.. to decorate.. he looked at me.. went out to the garden.. cut some branches of a pine tree.. and with some piece of wood he first build a construction.. then he attached the branches over.. and a small shabby tree was ready for me.. and we went out to buy decorations and lights..

I would still have all of them.. if some years ago a help did not push my tree and crash all of them they are made of glass.. they all broke.. but two.. it was after my father was gone.. so I cried a lot when they broke..
every year after that first year ..I bought some decorations.. but they are none of them as precious as these.. and new trees..sometimes real ones.. to be planted in the garden later.. but now that I really don't have time to choose trees.. and plant later.. I have bought a fake one.. but none is a conversation piece as the first one was.. and every year.. I decorate my tree on 23 of december.. but this year I was taken by the Xmas athmosphere reigning on the blogs.. and yesterday evening I have put it up .. and decorated.. this year the colour scheme is purple .. silver and white.. so red is not fitting in..

but this is my ceremony.. to put the two spared ones.. at the top of the tree.. side by side.. and think about my mum..and dad.. and later.. burn all the candles.. switch off the lights.. turn on the tree's lights.. pour myself some wine.. and have a silent moment.. to remember them.. and tell them once again thanks for all their tolerance and rigidity.. empathy and criticism.. support and sarcasm.. as all parents have to do .. at some times.. for their love and belief in me..
at whom do you think when you decorate your house??..


autum said...

Such a nice story Pinar. I also think of loved ones no longer with us when I decorate my tree, my mother and my grandmother and have ornaments to remind me of them.

AnnieElf said...

Dear Pinar. I'm deeply moved by your story on just so many levels. A New Year tree? This is really a Christmas tree by another name that makes it an acceptable symbol in your country where most are not Christian? I also was not sure if you tree was pushed over on purpose. I hope not. That you have two unbroken bulbs is such a blessing - one to remind you of each parent. I've been thinking of writing about Christmas traditions as well especially now that both my mom and dad are gone. I must remember Christmas's past and then bring it forward to our Christmas's with our children so that they can remember as I remember.

Connie and Rob said...

I am so sorry you lost your other Christmas ornaments. However, taking the two and puting them at the top of the tree sounds like a wonderful tribute to your mom and dad. It is nice to put up your tree early and really be able to enjoy it for a period of time.

This year, since my mom passed away a few months back, I was certain I wasn't going to have a tree. Then I saw a 3 foot pink one and it was perfect.


pinar said...

Autumn.. thanks for sharing..
isn't it nice to think about our '' arrieres'' as the french say.. I love the idea of a womenly sentimental life..

AnnieElf.. yes we don't celebrate Christmas in Türkiye.. the christian turkish citizens do.. and there are many muslims who go to some of the churches for the mass of Christmas.. But our new year celebration and lights and tree decorations can go over some of european cities.. I will try to take some photos.. my mission as a blogger..
and yes.. it was a real accident .. I was there..
wll I consolate myself.. saying.. my father has disappeared what are some glass globes besides this pain..

and Connie.. isn't it a real consolotion.. especially if you had a parent who was full of joy of life.. and would be pleased to know you can go on..
mine were.. I believe your's too..
love to all..

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Christmas is coming, and each oranment holds a memory.

see you there! said...

I've stopped by before and it's time I left a message. I enjoyed picturing your father gathering and making you a tree. What a wonderful holiday memory.


Britt-Arnhild said...

Beautiful Pinar. I especially love this story about your father. He must have been a very loving man!

pinar said...

tongue-in-cheek..yes all have.. but some are irremplaçable

see you there.. thanks for visiting and leaving comments.. they are precious to me..

britt-arnhild.. he was really.. a loving and caring man.. and he was also an enjoyer..

jessica said...

so nice to have your new year tree. how sweet.