Thursday, December 07, 2006

my secret gift

sshhhh.... here is a secret.. my first gift.

having children ..reveils the observer and philosopher in you..
do you remember the days when your child had total confiance in you.. when your words were upon everything.. remember the pride in his voice when he recited '' my mother told me that..''
did you notice that unfortunately it changed soon.. and was replaced by the famous '' my teacher said that..'' with the same pride in his voice .. you were just getting used to this rivalry that it changed again .. and became.. ''my friend told it ..'' this time topped by '' defence'' in the voice..
did you you feel falling apart from your kid .. a feeling of being thrown out from his universe..
did you ever feel.. your child is becoming a stranger.. he has talents or properties you never thought about..
I do..I remember going to a school meeting and the art teacher of my son saying..'' he is gifted.. soo talented''.. and me trying to remember when I saw him last ..drawing or painting anything ??
he paints?? the teacher went on.. I have chosen him for a special project.. the results will be on an exhibition at the Archeology museum..??..
we went to the exhibition .. and I noticed the small but perfectly shaped figures I saw at the back of small parcels of paper.. behind the books.. and was moaning about .. about ..being tidy.. and clean.. did I take his artwork as scribblings?? I saw that ..he is drawing like miniatures.. small but in all details..
I decided to motivate him.. but he became frustrated.. I wanted to send him to drawing classes.. he resisted..but kept on these scribblings..
a friend of mine told me to buy him a drawing notebook.. the smallest size.. so that he could carry it around.. and draw whenever inspired.. I did.. he used it as a note book but never as a sketch book..
I let it go.. last year he asked me anothor sketch book.. and this special metallic drawing pencil.. and also the soft eraser painters use .. I did not know that these materials even existed.. but I understood that he is still interested in.. but not showy.. especially to me..
he is an interesting boy.. heis father bought him a guitar.. he let it in the corner for 3 yrs.. this year he said.. I want to learn how to play it.. and now.. he doesn't stop playing =))
this year during the hollidays.. he decided to walk over the small mount perching the beach.. prepared himself a backpack.. and departed.. when back.. he had a gift for me.. the panoramic view of the two beaches..
the photo at the top is this one.. he still goes on drawing and throwing... small sketches.. I try to keep them.. hide them.. and this week I have found the perfect gift for him.. ''drawing art in all details''..this is a simple but inspiring book..
I hope he likes..


see you there! said...

Pinar, what a bittersweet time, they grow and start to become individuals with their own life. Not a secret life exactly but one they only want to share when they are ready. I think he will love the book although it may have to lay on the shelf for a few weeks before he can admit to that. Thanks for giving us a look at the work of a budding artist.

Julie H said...

Your tree is lovely!!!

It was also good to read your wise words about freeing your son, and the lovely gift that you have bought him.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

What a wonderful Mother you are!!