Tuesday, October 07, 2008

grey tray =P..


I recently changed my attitude.. towards colour..

I want all in cream.. pearl .. grey.. anthracite..

no I don't have plenty  of  paint .. in these colours.. I mix them up myself.. always the same shades.. =P..

don't ask me why... is it the inflence of all these photos I see at the blogs and/or decorating magazines.. after all these are not my favorite colours.. I like autumnal bright colours.. browns greens..  auburns..

I am sure this is a reversible mood..

and I try to limit myself though..to small objects..

so the latest cream grey collection I have created..

an old and worn tray set..



there was a herringbone design inside..

I think it looks quite stylish.. and shows  off my new cookie jars..


and.. every object must hide something.. a small surprise..

so I decoupaged a toile de jouy print.. underneath ..

I had some toile fabric.. I photocopied the fabric.. and coffee tinted the paper to make it look "old" then pasted with my magic wallpaper paste/white glue homemade paste.. some matte acrilic varnish..

ready for service.. now..

would you like  to join me..??


1 comment:

Britt-Arnhild said...

You are so creative Pinar.
Isn't it lovely to let your imagination and your creativity play.