Tuesday, October 14, 2008

morning beauties..

morning hapiines


kids never grow..

he may be 18 now .. but he was just the same as he was three when he ran to the door yesterday evening and said.. you have a mail from abroad .. can I open it pleaaaaaaase.. he made me giggle..

he is chatting online with people from the other end of the world as his daily routine .. but he is excited when the postman brings in an envelop..  I mean a "decent envelop" with a hand written adress and real stamp and all ..not the printed labeled and printed postal sign kind of thing.. not an advertisment or.. a facture..

maybe the postman was excited too.. nowadays they do not delivers many of such envelops.. you know the "personal" kind .. =)

so  we went..the   mother  still in her shoes and trenchcoat.. and the two curious kids..to the lacey desk ..

I have decorated my desk for such occasions .. didn't I..

morning cofee morning hapiness

this exciting card was sent by my friend Britt, to celebrate my lacey desk.. and our frienship..

no there are no close-up photos .. I told you.. this is personal =P..but there are some other close-ups from the desk..

 pile of memo

I have made a small display of objects which make me smile on the desk..

my purple bowl and liliputian cloche.. reminding me of"being content with what one has"  ..

the mask magnet.. reminding me.. that smiles and tears are close to each other.. as close as good friends..

and the magnifier.. reminds me.. we can see everything  as big or as small as we desire.. 

the cover of the notebook..which  is an ancient world map.. reminding me.. the infinity  of world and time..

the small "nessie" snow ball.. reminds me of my childhood dreams..

and the little book of mum.. oh this hasn't to remind anything.. you never forget you are a mum..

and the small empty vase ..shows me that it is the vase which is important.. not it's being empty .. or full ..

and Britt.. your card has joined them ..Thank You.. =)..reminding me.. that real frienship has nothing to do with being far away or many more differences.. it is an absolute notion.. in itself..


why is this post's title is "morning" beaties.. it is because.. I confess.. I have opened the card at the evening.. but have taken the photos in the morning.. re-reading my card.. and  having morning cofee and some cinnamon apple cake..


Liz said...

I can see why those things make you smile... they're fun. :)

Britt-Arnhild said...

Hi Pinar.
I am so happy that my letter found its way to your beautiful and personal desk.

I will fight for the art of letter writing as long as I live!

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Such prettiness!

M ^..^