Monday, October 06, 2008

a weekend with bloggers


I have had a wonderful weekend..

each day shared with friends..

friday a blog friend visited me..ecem..

we knew each other from the posts.. but had never met before..

she came with gifts to me.. as though she wasn't a gift herself..


these are crocheted napkin rings.. each topped with a needle lace violets.. called "oya"

violet.. purple.. plum these are my colors..


a close-up to the violets..


and then there was tis mexican hat..


hiding a thimble in itself.. an exquisite one.. notice the inlaid agate.. and flowers again.. a girl must be chic.. even when she sews..=)

her mother made these for her.. when she got married.. and she gave it to me..what can it be called if not..a gift from the heart..


a crocheted book mark.. with three small "oya" flowers..


and two magnets.. one of them has a scarf around her head.. notice the "oya" around it.. this is a typical turkish contry woman .. and these "oya"s tell all a story..

each motif has a meaning.. I am in love say some.. I am married and happy say another.. a new mom's oya is different than the one of the woman who is waiting her sweetheart .. coming back from the military service..if you have a problem with your m-i-l .. there is a different motif..

the silent messaging system of the eastern people..


the other magnet.. went directly to my lacey desk..


saturday I met two most beautiful young lady bloggers..

this time my turn..

they are collecting magnets.. and .. I have surprises for them from.. alaçatı.. the shape of the original typical doors of alaçatı village..

the packages .. were the free share of another blogger Lori Gardner.. just in time to do sweet gift packages.. thank you lori..


and came sunday.

a breakfast by the seaside..


with another blogger friend of mine.. simurg..

teaching me the details of taking nice photos.. I don't know if I will be as talented as her.. anytime.. but this has so nice to chat about everything.. and nothing.. over our coffees by the sea..

coming back home.. Britt Arnhild has chosen me as the blog of the week..

big hugs and love from me .. from istanbul.. Britt.. I will do my best this week..=)...


the book in the first picture.. is .. Muthan Mungan's.. one of my favorite writers.. "the cities of woman".. these were stories.. each story was about a woman and one city.. interesting and emotional..

don't you think some male authors do understand deeply the emotional life of woman better than some woman..


Britt-Arnhild said...

Such lovely crocheting Pinar. Your friend is talented.

The book about women and cities, is it translated into English?

createacraft said...

the book unfortunately isn't translated..

you know what *??
maybe sometimes I should share some parts of the books I love.. in here..
there really are very talented writers.. I would love to share..

Ece said...

This is a really big surprise for me.I don't know what to say..Maybe I can only say how much I love you dear. I'm so glad to have a lady as a friend named PINAR!!
I love you..

burdasaklaniyorum said...

çok kıskandım ben.
bizim suçumuz ankaralı olmak mı yaaa 8(