Friday, October 10, 2008

small things that make....



my  dear friend Britt-Arnhild's comment made me smile..

I wrote yesterday  that I had some cut outs hidden in my organizer..

one of them is.. the following..

"those who travel a lot.. may not be aware that they develop an estrangement..

this means being surrounded by a standart hotel room environment which shows  little differences from place to place,  as an ongoing lifestyle, drives the person in an unhappy and uncomfortable mood..

the interaction between a person and the environment is very important for daily life performances..

working and resting  and all the similar activities are related to the atmosphere of the place where the person is . 

at the place where we live permanently, there are many details that make us comfortable and reminds us where we belong ..  these make this place special for us..
that is why , as a frequently travelling person, I  put some very personal objects in my luggages first of all..

and in the hotel room I display them on the table .. as soon as I come in..

this corner of the table becomes me.. and the objects  sustain my relation with Myself..

it's the objects that do not let us.. forget about.. moments.. affections .. memories.. the past in all its authenticity  and undeniable purity..
fahrettin aykut.. architect.."


I had this cut out for years.. that is why I smiled.. I do this when I travel.. Britt says she does it too..

have a wonderful trip to india Britt.. and don't forget  take  a small part of home.. with you..

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Britt-Arnhild said...

Hello dear kindered spirit. Yes, I will take something personal with me to India. May be a photo of my dear family, a few books of course, though I know that my friend there has a huge library, my diary, a special flower press.......and I must think out some more.....