Friday, October 03, 2008

conversation topic: decoration

kadin kurabiye

we have had a conversation about home decoration today.. with my daughter..

she had come to my desk while I was reading my mails.. and she wanted to show me the video of her cat.. leke and herself playing in the morning..

she is a touchy girl..

the fumbled over the desk.. and touching my purple bowl..

why did you put this bowl under the glass she asked..

this is the only thing that fits in it.. it is so small..

mmm.. so you have to put something under it.. you really need to..??..

I have seen people putting bird nests.. eggs under the glass cloches..I loved it.. wanted some display looking like these..than I showed her one of the inspiration photos I had saved on the desktop..

she looked and said..

mmm... this is not suitable for our family.. everyone would touch it..than the egg would broke.. and the nest would be torn apart..can you imagine our uncles visiting.. they would ask you WHY's.. they woulş all talk about it.. and finally you would go crazy ..

I love her summarizing our life.. simply but true..

you are right I said laughing.. no need to invite stress ..=) that is why no eggs for us..

she frowned a minute and asked..

why are you painting everything white or light grey or should use black.. can you imagine this room all in black.. it would be super..

I closed my eyes.. and imagined.. yes.. it would be.. black matte walls shiny satin and velveteen black chairs.. sofas.. maybe some anthracite and silver..

then I answered..

yes you are right.. it would be fabulous..BUT your father doesn't like it..even more.. he hates this..

white cannot stand us.. she said..we aren't a white family..

yes I know I said..

that is why I only paint small things in white..

this is good she said..

then I went to the bathroom.. and I have seen the big dark stain on the white linen lining of the basket..counted on my fingers.. ten days..I still didn't finish to decorate and they have already started to put it apart..

I think I need a place to decorate.. for myself.. or other people.. "white friendly" people..


Britt-Arnhild said...

Not always easy to live in a family is it. Some days I would love a place just for myself, in peace and silence.....but thinking about it I know my place is right here where I am, with my family!

pinar said...

I totally agree ..
my place is here.. too..
but I like my daughter's observations and comments about decor.. life.. home.. family..
she is still naive.. but has the practical point of view of an adult woman..

Joy said...

Our families may not let us have a picture perfect house, but they do make our house a home.
That's what I tell myself as I clean up after them. ;~)

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