Thursday, November 02, 2006

Chrismas present planning time has arrived..

I caught a common cold.. followed by a laryngitis.. from the night walks of the celebration.. and I went to work for the first two days.. wearing a mask.. not to contaminate anyone..
the third day..yesterday..I was not able to stand up.. to get up out of the bed.. even to talk..
I stayed in bed.. taking lots of medicins.. drinking lots of liquid.. and sleeping most of the day..
last night was a bit better.. but whenever I walk a few steps.. I feel all my muscles shaking.. and a palpitation in my chest.. I feel weak.. so I will stay in bed today too.. maybe reading some.. or looking at mags.. But first Ihad to look up at my mails.. because I am waiting for an important message.. which has not come..
then I visited some of my fav blogs.. just a tea drinking time.. and will go back to bed.. but before.. I have to share.. visiting the blogs I noticed everyone is quickly passing from the halloween mood.. to X-mas mood.. that is why I love autumn.. so many occasions of getting inspired.. preparing goodies.. making handwork..handcraft.. and when one occasion finishes..another one is starting..
I have lots of gifts to prepare..for New Year .. for a couple of years I try to prepare handcrafted gifts to my circle of friend and family..
last year I made neck warmers for all the ladies of mine.. I designed each one thinking of their way of getting dressed.. colours they preferred.. styles.. I was going to the yarnshop .. and was starting to look at all the stuff they had..and they have lot and lots of kind of yarns..I was looking from a distance.. as though visiting a picture gallery.. to be able to notice the yarn which whispered to me a name..of a friend.. happy for me.. that the shop next to the yarnshop has all these embellishment materials.. sequins.. fur trims.. ribbons.. lace.. whatever you name.. you can get inspired in such a place.. and when the design came in front of my eyes.... I started to buy all the material.. I was the best loved and respected buyer of the shop.. they were cheering up when they saw me.. I even have some stored beatiful stuff from these shopping days.. packed with the yarn.. ribbon.. floss.. and sequins.. like ready - to - make kits..
and I knitted through the whole New Year preparation season.. this one was the last.. the one I made for myself.. we have to give gifts to ourselves too.. don't you think so??

it was a very thin mohair yarn .. I knitted it with large needles.. to make it as fluffy as possible.. although it has a very fine texture.. it keeps very warm.. and is so soft to touch..and has frills on both ends.. and it is surrounded by sequins.. which are not as shiny as they look on the photos.. so can be used during the day as well..the knitted frill is surrounded by a ribbon frill as well.. in the same colour as the yarn.. if you look close you can see on the third photo.. under the sequins..

I hand sew the ribbon.. and the sequins.. which means I gave myself a pretty fine detailed.. handcraft as a gift.. =)) What did you give to yourself??

This year I am preparing some other cuddling gifts for my friends and family..

I hope they will enjoy using them.. as much as I will enjoy preparing them..until I finish some.. I will show you some more of the presents of last year..enjoy all the X-mas season..


Mrs. Staggs said...

So sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well. I hope you feel better very soon.
Your knitting is beautiful. I love the colors that you chose and the yarn looks oh so soft.
I started to think about making my Christmas cards today. I want to relax and enjoy the process, so need to start soon I think.
Best wishes!

Connie and Rob said...

I sure hope you start feeling better very soon. Try to get as much rest as you can.

Oh my this scarf is just beautiful. Your friends and family are so very lucky to be on your list for gifts. Something like that is to be cherished because it comes from your heart and soul.

Sending you hugs to get better,

Britt-Arnhild said...

Hi Pinar. Your knitting looks so soft and delicate. Lucky are the friends of yours.
I am looking forward to see what you will come up with for this year's New Years gifts.

Yes, you are right. As you commented on my blog we are both inspired by to colder weather to start some knitting.

I hope you are feeling better soon.

Julie H said...

What a beautiful, beautiful scarf - and I am so glad to hear that you are being kind to yourself while you are ill.

Big hugs to you.

Laura said...

Your scarf is deliciously gorgeous! I hope you are feeling better and more peppy!!! Get well soon!!!!

One Crabapple said...

Good idea ! yes one SHOULD ! give themselves a gift or two or THREE for the holiday ! you are right !

This scarf is STUNNING and I just love looking at it.

I bet it looks perfect on you .

That color is really quite magic in it's allure isnt it ? because we cannot take our eyes off of it.

And then edges in the beauty of this type of yellow orange gold....perfect !

oh but of course you would love this color Pinar ! this is a variation of the "P" linen ! isn't it ? We do love this color !!!!