Friday, November 03, 2006

New year's party.. gifts.. scarves and schawls..

while I was looking through the see how my tree last was year.. and this ..because I like to change the overall effect ofthe house and the decorations each year..I found this photo.. last year we had a beautiful.. happy.. cheerful family reunion on 31th of december.. and when I say family.. it is a big one.. we were 20 .. to celebrate the new my house .. and this one is taken.. after we gave our presents to each other.. and all these ladies are sitting.. wearing their scarves.. and hats.. knitted by me =)) I am there too.. can you guess which one??
sure..I am the one who is not wearing a scarf.. and here are some of the stuff.. this one has gold reflections and fur pompoms.. and the colour..suiting both the season..and the person.. she loves red..

this one is for a young and sport-chic lady.. my niece who lives in London..and who was in ─░stanbul with her husband and daughter..for new year.. this is a tweed-like yarn which I loved to knit..
and it is embellished by silk flower petals.. sewn byhand one by form a flower shape..and decorated with small beads.. the borders are delineated by a frilly ribbon..and she looked pretty wearing it..
I was very happy with the result.. and I am not so sure now..if I will be able to make as many and different things this year.. go on Pinar.. think think think..??..
there are some more.. these for tomorrow..


One Crabapple said...

Is that you The Beauty Pinar down in the front - lower right corner ?

I must enlarge this picture and study it more...but at first glance I think this is you...let me see...................

One Crabapple said...

okay I am sticking to my answer.....

I did waver in my choice upon studying this photo between the woman in the lower right corner that I think is you and the Blonde Woman - center .

But I went back to my original thought BECAUSE there was just something....something sweet and slightly shy that I know from letters and things worded a certain way. A sweetness in that one that I think must be YOU.

And I am delighted more than you can imagine to finally seee PINAR !

Hello !

One Crabapple said...

oh I have studied the picture too long and I am not sure which one is you.

all such beautiful ladies !

I wonder if you will tell me
IF I GET MY EMAIL FIXED !! (((laughing))))))))))
which one is the Real Pinar ?