Friday, November 17, 2006

saturday programs .. with a teenage daughter..

saturdays are my day off.. not from work.. but from the family.. or should I say were..
as my daughter grows.. she is spreading into my life.. and into my saturdays..
when I've got married..and had my son.. I was working until late in the evening..all week days..and on saturdays .. and sundays were spared to my family..
try to understand I got married when I was 32.. and before I had all my days to myself .. at least after work hours.. after a couple of years I felt exhausted by this routine and announced that I had to.. I wanted to.. have some time for myself..the only availble solution was to spend the saturday afternoons .. a few hours of it .. for be able to enjoy.. all the small details of life that make it 'your's.. so I went to see my girl friends.. went out with them.. went to concerts or movies my husband did not want to.. and my son was too small to come with me.. I went shopping.. to beauty saloon.. or just walked peacefuly..through this beautiful city.. saturday was my day.. my 14.00-18.00 decision..
and I was coming back home.. having missed them so husband and son.. I kept saying..this is good for good for you..and it went on ..all saturday afternoons.. after work.. until this year..
my daughter is a very social girl..and wants to have a social life with me too.. she wants to have special..mother-daughter times.. with me..and as she has her ballet lesson on saturdays at a dance school .. very close to my work.. we have now.. saturday afternoon programs.. she likes.. sometimes as I like.. and today looking through my photos.. I noticed I have started to collect a whole bunch of saturday photos..
the was enjoyed .. on the highway.. wo week ago.. coming back from Ikea.. where we went to see the new Christmas decorations..we bought a lot of them.. plus the purple bedcover to go with her room barcode designed wall.. no more pinks for her =(
these were taken with the camera of my phone.. no security endangered.. as the traffic was heavy..

this one the window of the antique shop next to the ballet school.. the ballerina at the back was her.. and the liquor bottle was my favorite.. but the store was closed.. so we have to check again next week.. on the first row.. are antique turkish coffee cups.. which are smaller than ordinary coffee cups.. even smaller than espresso cups.. and much thinner.. I should have a look at them too..
last saturday I drove her to a friend of her's birthday party.. and spend the rest of the time.. with my friends.. in Paul.. yes we have an original french bakery in Istanbul.. hasn't the world become so small.. my coffee had a heart shaped mousse over.. and the best and smallest buttercake was a courtesy of the bakery.. nice addition to my coffee..
they kept the decoration quite similar to french style.. and I love it.. especially the light shades.. the details are not seen but they are in crunchy 'taffetas' .. can you believe that I send.. a lightshade maker.. to whom I had ordered the new shades for my house.. to Paul.. to drink a coffee and have a look at these.. and create the similar effect for me.. =)).. coffee on my charge of course..
and this is the department store which I like to visit.. any time.. Pabetland .. and it is a turkish home design center .. it has two floors.. the ground floor is mostly accessories.. and modern design..and the second is .. oh so traditional- continental furnitures.. but the setting is just like a house.. you don't see the stock but decorated parts.. with dining tables as if set for the guests.. even the candles are lit.. the beds are half open as though it waits for you to get in and curl.. It inspires me .. I always get back home with a small package and big ..big ideas .. the photos are taken from the coffee shop situated in the hall.. just by the silk flower department.. it makes you feel as if you are overlooking from a garden into the shop.. and I must say this is the only adress to eat lemon meringue pie in Istanbul..
a woman must know these special places.. where?..what? details.. and must teach her daughter.. this is refining.. and I start to totally enjoy it.. shaping up the little lady..

this saturday we are planning to listen to a concert of classical music.. and then .. yes.. you have guessed right.. go and have some drinks and pastries..and chat about the week.. with my daughter..

what will you do on saturday??.. whatever is your program.. I hope you enjoy it very much..


Connie and Rob said...

I might venture out of the house!! Yippee. Hopefully I will get to visit my dad and have lunch out at a nice restaurant.

Hope you get things worked out and you have a wonderful weekend. Take care.


Britt-Arnhild said...

And too soon your daughter will be too old to want to spend Saturday afternoons with her mother. Enjoy and cherish every moment.

jessica said...

it is so true how we as mothers do help in the formation of our daughters. the pleasure truly is when we become good friends. i have this wonderful friendship with my daughter now that she is a young adult lady.

Jill said...

Lovely sunset!

Cat said...

You are very blessed to have a daughter to share your Saturdays with.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Lucky you to share such a lovely day with your daughter!

Paul!! So very French!

mo said...

I love the idea of you and your daughter having all that fun time together-and I am sure she loves it is such a valuable thing to do. They grow up so fast I think its so important to enjoy them as much as possible.