Wednesday, November 08, 2006

tarte tatin

the second of the cupboard bases has been covered and this one has a frilly border.. now the indoor plants have their own stand.. this is my view from under my tree.. and the permanent chess play is seen on the lower corner.. I say permanent.. because this is our new lifestyle.. after dinner.. socialisation time for the family.. no sitting and looking at tv.. we have chess- playing sessions.. and yesterday my daughter check-mated me for the first time.. she was as proud as a peacock..
as for crafts.. I am looking for sweaters.. she also ordered me a short ballerina's sweater in black.. to wear over her ballet suit.. with a velvet corsage..

I love to try new recipes and succeed.. I am an expert of choosing easy but elaborate looking recipes.. that one is my latest addition.. have seen this tarte tatin a l'oignon.. in the magazine..
easy as abc..

shallots.. into the boiled water.. for 15 min .. then peeled.. and off to the frying pan..along with some olive oil.. butter..honey.. cumin.. curry.. when pinkish.. divided in small baking pans.. topped with puff pastry.. 15 min in the oven..
can you believe this styish serving has been so easy to prepare..
this is yesterday's story.. tonight I am going to a special girl's party.. we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of our schoolmates.. it is funny how we feel still 11.. and behave as the little girls we were when we started this french school I mention from time to time.. we have so much fun.. we are going to a terrace restaurant at the Pera Street which has a view on the Bosphore.. the girl's tower.. and up to the Topkapi Palace.. tomorrow I will write you more about my school and the night..

what do you have or do for dinner tonight?


Mrs. Staggs said...

This makes a really lovely stand for your indoor garden.
I have been in the mood to bake too. These photos are encouraging me to spend more time in the kitchen today.
I hope your evening was delightful!

One Crabapple said...

The new plant stand is very smart and looks nice !

This ballerina sweater that has been put on order sounds very pretty indeed and I hope we will see the creation when you finish it .

As for the goodness it is making my mouth water. And it does look very easy but so stylish ! I am putting this on my list of things to try very soon. Thank you for the wonderful recipe and idea.

Good for you and your family ! this turning off the television and doing more productive things !

And ! I was delighted to read of you and your girlfriends still so close and celebrating after all of these years. That is very special.

Tonight...for dinner ? you asked...oh I am embarrassed to tell you! It wil probably McDonald's as I dash out to the post office from work and grab somnething quickly....IF you order the children's meal , you get a toy you know.....laughing.

Goodnight ! Love, S.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Oh I love the little table your plants are on!!

Tarte Tatin in France is one of my favorites!

Anonymous said...
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jessica said...


Britt-Arnhild said...

I collect chess games when I travel, and have three on display in my livingroom :-)

jenny holiday said...

oooooh this looks incredible!!! so so so so deelish!!

As always...your posts are such a treat!!

Thanks for the daily inspiration, and loveliness!!

xoxo Jenny