Thursday, November 09, 2006 Istanbul..

this was the view last night.. and some of the details of the view..
but these are for you.. for me..
the view's interest for me was my friend's beauty.. this is unbelievable how a bunch of scared, tiny, shy little girls.. turned all out.. sumptuous women..
we have blonds.. redhairs.. dark hairs.. we have thins.. and chubbies.. but we all have this.. je ne sais quoi.. this must be about being sure of herself.. which was a little disturbant when we were 30.. because we were shouting .. I know.. and so was our body language.. but now.. we are getting 50.. and we have a special charm..because we start to know now ...that it is not knowledge but experiences..that create a special YOU.. I would never believe it some years ago.. that woman of 50 could be soooo attracting..
well we were.. as the male interest around us was quite high..
but no chance this night.. we were to ourselves..
we went to school together.. a school of hard to cope..strict rules..
a classical french education.. and we had just ourselves to withstand .. if you don't use the right pen.. you get a 0.. (you fail) even if you wrote all the right answers.. you had to be responsible of bringing this pen.. with that classroom.. at this special time.. having studied was not enough..
you were not getting a routine control for homework.. and you could be controlled any time of the year.. so you didn't forget to have it with you.. your responsability..
and you don't stay in the classroom.. during the breaks.. this is called recreation time.. so go out and recreate yourself..
you don't let those pencils fell down.. the inside breaks.. and it is not a responsible behaviour..
you don't run in the corridors..
my daughter goes to the school I went .. well after 35 years.. I was waiting for a PTA meeting .. and here come a group of girls running.. surprise I said to myself.. they have changed.. but suddenly they braked.. yes it was not a slowing down and stopping act.. it was braking just like in the cartoons.. and one whispered.... slow down now.. Mme Silva will go mad .. the director's office was near.. but the door was wide open and empty.. the shadow of rules ..still there..
no crying.. shouting.. or overwhelming from the teachers though.. did you see the movie Devil wears Prada.. Meryll Streep is the perfect example of the nurses who were our teachers.. whispering commanders..I don't know how they managed to make their discipline being accepted.. so calmly.. this must be their secret..
I remember.. Mere Marie-Berthe.. the superior nurse and director of the school.. coming into the classroom.. saying.. I am looking for someone..intelligent and responsible.. Pinar come with me..
this was my day.. how can you afford not to be intelligent and responsible anymore..
school days.. I have so many memories.. maybe because of them..
maybe because of this discipline.. or maybe because we were special.. but 26 of the 3 girls.. we keep seeing each other.. always.. and we have reunions.. every three weeks.. at those I can't go.. everytime.. because I work late sometimes.. but the evening getherings.. have no excuse..
I have to say..two of us.. are getting mother-in law.. yes two of our daughters are getting married.. we will start to become grandmothers.. in-imaginable.. because we are childen still..
she was happy.. to be with us.. to have her gift.. we were happy.. she was so healthy after this illnes.. that we hope will never come near her.. the only moment we were a bit silent was due to the waiter..
the waiter who served us.. a bold, fat, barbed guy.. said this is my mother's birthday as well.. and someone asked.. oo how nice.. how old is she.. 49 was the reply.. and we stared .. just like that..
this fat..bold..barbed man could be our sun.. you are joking don't you.. he is looking as (I hate to say) old as us.. =((((
so this was the moment.. the only sad moment..
we will live forever.. telling school jokes.. laughing as high as we were laughing when 11-12 yrs old.. will always look young.. and simple to each other..
because this is life-long friendship..
I love you girls.. love you for being.. mine..
and what about you meet you childhood friends..??..


autum said...

What a beautiful story Pinar. No I don't have school friends I meet with, but I wish I did.

MariaJ said...

Thank you P for your nice comment on my blog. The pics of Istanbul could be from a fairy tale book! The lamps look like shining stars...very fascinating. What is that building in the middle, somekind of tower...symbol?
Unfortunately I dont meet my schoolfriends cause we moved from the capital to a small village (100 km away). It was a really sad moment to me, I was about 10 years old. I can imagine all your joy when you meet your old friends. I wish I could have something like that too. Here the whole school system has changed so much. Not so much disicpline..sometimes at all...and the teachers are not so much appreciated by the pupils like 20-30 years ago.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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jessica said...

such a nice gathering with friends. i love how you tell the story.

Britt-Arnhild said...

Beautiful words Pinar. Yes, at the age of 50 we are NEAUTIFUL. I am 48 now, I am proud of myself and I feel attractive - though not many men whistle at me :-) I still feel so much more sure in myself then what I did when I was younger and thinner :-)

I love this post of yours.

Jill said...


So beautifully told!

Yes, it is true, not the amount of knowledge, but rather your little finger prints that mold you... I too have learned that with age.

Thank you for such a lovely tribute to your wonderful and dear friends. They are blessed to have such a lovely soul in their lives.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Wonderful post!!

When I am in California, i do reconnect with my childhood friends...time does not change anything...except add a few white hairs and deeper smile lines!!