Monday, November 27, 2006

nice weekend.. nostalgia.. and centerpiece enjoyment..

I had a wonderful weekend.. on saturday.. went to the wedding of a friend's daughter..
I was with my husband.. because the bride's father is a good friend of him too.. and the bride's mother.. is my friend for 38 years.. our schoolmates were there.. most unaccompanied.. they were sitting in rows.. a group of beautiful ladies.. sitting the same way we used to sit in the classroom..
what do we do here?.. how can we become mother-in-laws.. and don't remind me .. soon grannies..
she was the first bride.. amongst us .. and her daughter is the first bride of our children's generation.. and after the coctail.. I heard the girls ( my friends) were going to pub-crawling.. so I left my husband at the parking place ( he is the sweetest man).. and we went to Pera .. with my girlfriends.. to celebrate.. our mature ages..
our happiness and sadness as all weddings make us feel..
wine and raki.. lots of turkish cold and hot plates.. no man to stop our laughters nor tears..

Sunday there was the show of the documentary of my high school in the new theatre build in the Grande Salle and Petite Chapelle .. my school dating back to 1856.. the documentary called ''150 years of a country..viewed from yhe windows of a school'' was fascinating..they made a really good job in research .. going to Vatican to the center of the foundation of Notre Dame de Sion.. and going through the archives.. the letters of the nuns reciting the last years of the Empire and the building of the republic.. I have photos and notes.. this is for another day..

coming back home.. so filled of relaxation and energy.. I re-arrenged some details in the living room..
the white lace-like metal tray and combined candle holders from
saturday trips.. and bits and pieces from the thrift or antique shops I love to visit..the angel from another saturday.. hortensia flowers from the garden.. finally came together and made a nice centerpiece for the coffee table..
the leaf shaped lamp parts were waiting for an inspiration.. and the glass flower was broken part of a vase I saw at the antique shop.. they didnot have the vase but the part =)) and I happily accepted their they insisted I should take it..and it has the same colour with the hortensia.. green.. plum.. faded and romantic.. some candles with the same colour.. I love how the light shines on the glass parts..
with some Xmas decorations will take pride until new year..and some fresh flowers will bring spring in..
another reason for a nice cuppa..

how was your weekend??


Britt-Arnhild said...

I've missed you in the blog world, so I knew you were busy Pinar. I loved to read about your week-end. Your photos of the decorations are beautiful!

Jill said...


Love the warm glowing light on the table. It looks so welcoming, and I too,love the shadows it makes.
Happy Holidays Pinar....Hope it's filled with love and laughter for both you and your lovely family.

One Crabapple said...

It sounds like a wonderful weekend !

YES isn't this the question we keep asking ourselves !? How did I get here ?

I knew what you were going to say as you described all of your girlfriends lined up looking like flowers in a row just like when you were teenagers...

Grandmothers ! oh this is hardly imaginable ! Right ?


And then off you go "pub-crawling" this made me laugh. It sounded so fun and when you told more about sitting and sipping and eating....that is the BEST energy - sitting with good girlfriends from the past...that exchange of energy is amazing and such a boost. It is reflected in the way you came home and adjusted and changed your things. I smiled thinking of you doing that. That day after feeling of having laughed and talked and let your hair down with the ones that know you like no one else...IT is the BEST !

Your school trip sounds very interesting too. I can imagine it was a great time you had viewing the documentary on this place that you spent so much time in. Growing up in and being shaped in. That building looks very pretty and your photo is really very good.

Your centerpiece is WONDERFUL and the candle glowing in the photo is very warming.

Great post. Love, S.