Saturday, November 04, 2006

in need of inpiration.. more schawls and scarves...knitted..

here are some more.. beige and moss green and cream.. one by crochet.. which was quite easy.. and finished quickly.. the same yarn.. knitted this time.. and has lines knitted with a different one.. a thick dark green.. cacao coloured tufted yarn.. and frills.. I love the frills..
another tweedy one.. with a keyhole and dark chocolate ribbon and sequin decoration.. a little sparkle adds so much to a simple rectangle.. catches light.. takkes attention.. and that is needed.. attention I mean..

now this was a set for a friend.. very fine degraded vison coloured mohair yarn .. knitted as a rectangle.. with a vison coloured lace .. and the sides and corners of the knitted piece turned over.. beautiful.. double sided.. scarf.. this one too has some sparkle at the front.. and it was easy to knit but difficult to finish.. and had a yaoung sister.. a mobile bag..
I look ..I look through my idea files.. but cannot decide.. should it be knitted and embellished handbags.. forthe ladies.. or should it be.. hot water bottle covers.. embellished of course ?? help..??


Connie and Rob said...

You are just too fun with all these great things you have made. I hope you keep something for yourself once in a while.

That little one would be great for a cell phone...just make sure that it has some type of catch on top so the phone won't slip out. Just really cute!!

Take care,

Cat said...

These are fabulous scarfs! You have very fortunate people on your gift list!!

One Crabapple said...

Pinar !

These scarves you have knitted are unbelievable !

They are exquisite ! EACH ONE IS BEAUTIFUL and original. I am just in awe of such knitting !

Well, you are definitely a Master Knitter ! Queen of the Knitting ! These are amazing.

Do you think I have my point across ???

EAch one is dazzling and then I see the one you made for yourself ! THAT IS A REAL TREASURE ! I just love the fine mohair...the color is delicious .... and ! the sequined edges were genius inspiration. The colors play so very well.

I am so interested in how different you made each scarf look. Those friends must have all looked completely gorgeous in your scarves !

Designer Scarves they could not buy , that is for sure !

They are very lucky that they have a friend that is so talented.


Love, S.

Mrs. Staggs said...

Bags to match last years scarves perhaps?
It's all amazingly beautiful!

Britt-Arnhild said...

My favorites are number 2 and 4.
Though all of them are great!

Gina said...

Wow, those are amazing. They looks so soft and inviting.
Last one is definately worth beign a bag! I love the detail in the one above it, and it matches, wow! I really like the second oens curly cues, it looks so cozy.

Julie H said...

All of your scarves are so beautiful and so different. How talented you are, and how kind to think of each friend specifically.

My Hot Water Bottle is in an ugly piece of fabric - so the moment you suggested covers I thought, how lovely. But bags would be wonderful aswell.