Monday, November 13, 2006

flowers.. vases.. and love affairs..

I love my garden..
It keeps my heart and soul in peace..
I was born an grew in a house with a huge garden.. and my dad was the keenest gardener I have seen..
but I was not wise enough to learn things from him..
and when I get married .. we moved in an flat with a small balcony..
that is when I learned the value of my father's garden.. and years later.. we finally moved to house with a garden.. well it is slightly larger than a deck.. but suits me.. I can spend time.. play with my plants.. and enjoy the seasons.. and remember my dad.. try to figure out how he did things in the garden.. but my gardening is mostly remembering fondly my dad..
I like to make all places interesting to look at.. this chair was found by the curb.. all it needed was a paint.. I choose a pinkish purple.. the colour of my hydrangeas.. and I placed all my zinc accessories over and around it.. the long vase is planted with what you call baby breath and we call 'love-stairs' .. it is barely visible.. as a rounded elevation.. from the top of the vase..this photo is dated from begining of July 06..

a close-up.. will verify if I remembered the name right.. tiny heart shaped leaves..

and this is how it looks now.. you can understand why it is called love stairs.. they go down.. and the leaves look like small steps.. but what I am interested.. is how beautifully it filled the pot.. and how decorative it looks now just under the window of my dining room.. there are 5 candle holders.. some french some scandinavian looking.. and when I lit them my window glows so warm..

and my hydrengea flowers.. are now inside too.. they dried in e fine pinkish puple colour.. and now fill up my new porcelain basket.. yes the white porcelain collection grows up.. It was love at first sight.. a basket to go with my little girl..

and the flower details are so fine.. roses and simple petal flowers.. I thought it was french.. but was made locally.. has a fine crackle detail.. and the colour is a light pink-cream..
well this is the way I live.. sometimes very rarely.. I need things.. for a while.. I am very practical with these.. use it.. be nice to it..and dispose it.. but often.. I fall in love.. suddenly..because of one look.. one bud.. one colour or texture.. and can never live apart.. this small basket.. will be always in my life.. among with others.. and will receive a compliment.. care.. a new place sometimes.. new flowers.. and will always feel.. loved.. and cared.. as all objects and people I am in love.. and devoted.. in my life..


Cat said...

Your hydrangeas are so lovely, as are all your plants shown here! Makes me wish it were Spring again.

Jill said...

I love hydrangeas! They are my favorite dried flower. I have the same variety on the north side of our house. The color variations after being dried are unlike any other flower..
Thanks Pinar for sharing your beautiful little garden...

Naturegirl said...

A lovely vignette you created with the chair and metal containers.I also love to preserve the beauty of nature through
out the home with my dried hydrangeas!
Your pinks are stunning!

Mrs. Staggs said...

It is all so beautiful. I too am in love with gardening and I find I am a much happier and grounded person when I've had time to work in it.
Your basket is lovely, I can see why you will have it always.
Best wishes.

One Crabapple said...

I love that color for the chair! and I would not have thought of that color but it works PERFECTLY. It is very pretty.

We call them Baby Tears....oh I love them! But I like the name you use much better. Love Stairs. And your plant is gorgeous. It does fill that pot really well. Very hard to grow this plant. YOu must have a special touch. (should this surprise me ???)

the basket is so pretty ! and your dried hydrangea ! wow. Those look very nice there also.

Ahh, Devoted To You and Your Wonderful Blog Entries !

Always food for thought here.

Love, S.

One Crabapple said...

ps I just went to your garden blog site ....saw the pictures posted on Yahoo. I loved so many things. That clock like piece is so interesting. And perfectly suited to the garden space that way. I like the birdbaths too...and your IVY! love it, We have tons of ivy. Well , we DID...the DEER love it the most too.

Britt-Arnhild said...

How wonderful to have the memories and the inspiration from your father's garden. A true blessing.
I love your garden chair.

One Crabapple said...

Beautiful Pinar....where are youuuu?
I hope all is well.
Love, S.