Monday, November 20, 2006

one ''use what you have ''project.. one question.. help please..

I love to do these small projects.. done on a small place.. preferabily sitting in the armchair.. watching TV.. and can be finished in one day..
this handbag is one of these.. made on a sunday.. It was a pattern shown in Marie-Claire Idées.. of last winter.. it was beige.. and made of felt.. with a fabulous feathery embellishment.. at the front.. the overall lok was like a doctor's bag.. with a short handle..
I did not have any felt.. and still don't have.. but had a divine thick wool fabric.. kind of fabric used for winter coats.. and it was in my favourite colour.. plum.. so I had hand - drawn the pattern on squared paper.. and cut it.. then sitting in front of the TV.. hand sew.. all.. I used back stiches.. to make the handle that attracted me.. and was the reason of my decision of making it..I needed two rectangular metal accessories which I did not have in stock.. so I rummaged in my box of ''miscellaneous things ''.. ( yes that is the label of the box..) I used the hanging parts of old drawer pulls =) .. hiding the part in which the screw went.. in the fabric..
the feathers were pulled from a clear vinyl inflatable cushion filled with purple feathers.. it had a hole.. so we could not inflate it anymore.. but for the sake of the purple feathers I had kept it.. ( I know they look mostly indigo.. but it's the light of the flash.. it has a plum colour in reality..and matches the colour of the fabric)
and I used a fabric covered button.. from an old suit.. in the middle of the flower pin .. after adding small glass beads on it.. as well as all alond the stich lines..
when you are addicted to a colour.. it is so easy to colour-match everything..
I love these kind of projects.. never needing to go out .. to collect material.. a real.. use what you have project.. I also made a beautiful lining.. in silk paisley patterned fabric with lots of candy colours and purple of course.. but I forgot to take photos of it..
this is my perfect winter.. evening bag of the moment.. soft.. shiny.. baroque..

the next photos.. are posted.. because I need your help..
as anybody has an idea.. of what it is.. a friend of mine bought it from a second hand shop.. she just liked the shape.. and details.. she asked me what it is.. well I cannot specify.. but I thought this could be a censer .. but the others I had seen had chains.. and I had never seen any one-sided wooden handle on any censer.. when you grab it from the handle it becomes very unstaedy to carry.. so what the handle is for.. and what is this for.. anybody any idea ??


Britt-Arnhild said...

Sorry Pinar. I can't help you with this one. We don't use incense in our Lutheran church.

By the way, your craft is beautiful. Good luck with all the Christmas presents and other things you are making.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

I think it is an incense burner, one that doesn't hang. Or for a votive?

Cat said...

Your bag came out wonderful - you are very good at improvising and making due with what you find!! I try to cook that way and it usually doesn't work (lol).

Yes, these must be for burning incense. Do you know the symbol on the top with the star and cresent moon?

silverlight said...

It's a tabletop incense burner.
It is a very nice piece.
No, I'm not Orthodox, in any way.

Potato Print said...

Merhaba Pinar,

I don't know how I got here. You must have commented on a blog that I read.

I'm so happy to find your site! We are about the same age, and we both have creative spirits, and we both love Turkey. I am married to a Turkish man, but I have not yet been there. It is my dream.

I love the way you made your bag. I also love the slide show of Attaturk. I'd seen many of the photos before, but never the one on the swing. Your English is amazing.

I'll be back soon. Iyi aksamlar....or maybe gunaydin already.

Connie and Rob said...

That purse you created is lovely. The colors you chose just go great together. Such a beautiful vintage look.

Love that golden mystery item. Perhaps that is what it makes it so special...We can all look at it and guess what it might have been used for...


The Shopping Sherpa said...

I think the thingamijig might be for keeping sweets (Turkish delight?) in. It reminds me of The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe...

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Or maybe a fancy fondue set? ;-)