Sunday, October 01, 2006

la grande rue de pera

saturday..the weather was so fine.. after work I had to go to do some shopping for the kids.. but decided it was not a day to pass indoors.. so instead of the shopping mall.. I went to ''la grande rue de Pera..'' this is an old street from the end of 19th century.. and all buildings are preserved.. as they are ..and a nice and nostalgic boulevard.. the architects of most of the buildings are italians.. or levantains..and you can see the elaborated name plates and the date of constructions of the building..
this place was called Pera.. but now it is called Beyoglu street.. only some old residents of the city still use the old name.. my aunt from my paternal side did.. she was born in 1898 in Istanbul.. (this means during the Ottoman Empire.. she was a living history.. and she lived until 96 years old..she was still saying let us go shopping to Pera and go to 'teatora' .. )
the buildings are beautiful.. in details.. sculptures.. columns.. gargoyles.. and in the adjoining streets there are old churches ( the most famous is the Saint Antoine the church of magic ) and mosques intertwined.. the French, Swedish , Russian, Italian and Spanish ambassads are on this Boulevard and the British one is on a street just behind the main road..
do you notice the name of this office_building ''SANTA MARİA''.. and the nice sculpture .. each time I come here I notice another detail..
and here is the dessert shop.. no one can ever see so many calorie bombs at one look.. and pay attention to the young boy working at the shop.. it must be difficult to work here during Ramadan..
there are all sort of shops in here.. many bookstores.. some residing at the same place for 100 years.. antique-shops.. art and crafts shops where you can find the wildest accessories for sewing and all handcrafts.. (the view of these feathered boas attracred me too much..the reason why I didn't that I did not know which colour to choose).. cafés.. art centers..hat and corset shops (are there people who still buy and use this kind of thing)..
when I saw this little angel..I knew he should be coming home with me.. nowadays I feel very much attracted to white porcelain accessories..
and this is where is my favorite café .. within a passage.. just in front of the tunnel.. which is the oldest and shortest metro of Europe.. it worked by horsepower once.. and has a very beautiful facade..
le pain et le vin ( the bread and the wine) come first to the table
followed by a 'soupe a l'oignon' (french onion soup).. yummy and savoury..
do you sometimes wonder about how the world has become small different cultures are mixed and intersected.. I still can't believe the similarities of life and hopes.. and feelings..

back home.. my other angels cheered with the new arrival.. look how the two angels faces look alike.. they may be brothers or sisters??

have a nice weekend all.. I leave the PC now to do some crafting to show you..


Hanna in Cleveland said...

Those are some awesome pics! What a fun trip.

I stopped by to make sure you know I wasn't upset about your comment asking about the flowers. Lots of people (even in the US) have no idea that Cleveland is like that so I thought I would show the picture of my backyard so that people could see why I get so gloomy about winter coming. ;)

A few days of snow that you described sounds so nice to me. Just enough to enjoy the white without having so much that you don't want to see it anymore. :)

Britt-Arnhild said...

I would have gone wild in there :-)
Your angel is beautiful. I love the white angle choir.

MariaJ said...

Your history is so fascinating. I've read about Ottomans and everything at school so now I look all your pics like I'm still sitting there in my class....It so wonderful to see your old ancient culture....many, many countries have copied pieces of it. But do you know what? Why they changed the lovely name Pera? It sounds also so finnish...and the new name Beyoglu street: it sounds like be ugly street dont you think!
Your angels look very nice and cant wait your new crafts...

The Shopping Sherpa said...

I love seing how other people live - so similar but so different. Thank you for the mini-tour (I'm jealous of all that history as Canberra is just under 100 years old so historical for us is anything from the 1920s or before...)

Connie and Rob said...

Thank you for the shopping spree in such a beautiful place. That angel certainly found the right home. It looks as if they are saying "We were waiting for you".

Take care,

One Crabapple said...

Pinar ! Hello !

I see the new angel fit right in with it's family in white...Very nice photo by the way !

Love the new look to your blog and I see the "P" for your profile photo (perfect idea !) I love seeing it there and it makes me smile from a deep place in my heart.

Thank you for this tour of Grande Rue de Pera ! I would love to stare at this old photo and investigate it up close. The buildings are beautiful that you have shown here and the details are beautiful.

(My email has not been working here for the past week! going to try to get it fixed today - if you have left a message for me , I could not receive it yet and that is why I have not answered !)

Will write more on your blog at work tonight - Faster there to download. Love the sweater / poncho ! and reading about your mother's teaching and you finding your own way ! You are a very talented , creative knitter! I am humbled as knitting is only the VERY BASICS for me. I can't imagine accomplishing these sweaters and designs you are have been talking about ! You are very clever and a true artist !

Love, S.

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

How wonderful to be able to shop in such a magnificent place. Thank you for the tour.
I love the angel that you bought.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Thank you for the beautiufl tour chez toi!

Jenny Holiday said...

Oh my!! What an amazing place!! And what a fabulous tour guide you are!! Thank you so much for the incredible photos!! The dessert shop will be in my dreams tonight!! Thank you so so much for sharing!! Your blog is a part of my daily reading!! Thank you so much!
xoxo Jenny