Wednesday, October 25, 2006

a new life.. for an old base..

this is an old base.. of a bedside unit.. one of a couple.. my husband brought those to me.. and he .. asked me.. if I could use them.. and I said yes..yes..yes.... he asked me.. what for ??.. I thought of using them as plant stands..??.. or as a base for the wooden luggage I already had.. or something else?? .. they waited in the basement.. for a while..

today.. I was arranging the living room.. and folded all the throws.. then I tried to figure a place where to put this pile.. throws are very useful during autumn .. I love them a lot.. at the evenings.. when everyone likes to relax.. on the armchairs for daily chat.. or sometimes we read and fall asleep.. and.. you feel chilly.. or suddenly an urge to go out to the garden can appear.. and you need a throw.. I can find 50 ways to use throws.. so a throw is 'irremplacable'.. we are a throw family..
but I hate to place them on the arms of the chairs.. or to have them all around the place.. because it looks so untidy.. and I remembered the bases.. couldn't them be used as a low covered stool .. the idea started to get clear on my mind.. I had time.. as I am home.. with nothing else on my mind..
I dusted them.. covered the top with two layers of thick interlining.. and 50 cm of the remnants of the upholstry fabric .. stapled in place.. Ta Ta..

and a meter of braid I had.. remnant again from a former project.. to make the finishing..
now I have an ideal place to have them neatly placed and chic to look at.. here it is..the great free- fake-french.. on-purpose throw stool..where do you range your throws??..


Saucy said...

That little stool is genius! I love it. Isn't it nice to make something new out of something old?

jill said...

Very nice Pinar.

One Crabapple said...

TadaHHH ! that is perfect !

oh you did such a nice job.

Can you believe how perfectly this works out ? Love that table anyway ! And to think you still have another one waiting in the wings ! Wow. Beautiful little thing.

Love that braid and the fabric choice you made for the cover.

Love, S.

Connie and Rob said...

You are just wonderful. Love coming over here and just seeing your creations. That table just is perfect for your throws.

Hope you are doing well. Take care.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

I only have one throw - a black IKEA one I bought on my first trip to Australia 10 years ago.

It hangs, neatly folded, over the arm of my sofa (see here:

MariaJ said...

I have three throws, one in the living room, one in the bedroom and one in a guest room. I love these during the autumn and winter. You got an excellent idea for yours. I also like a lot of your stool. It's carving reminds some of my Chippendale pieces. I love woodcarvings.
By the way I watched yesterday a document of Atatürk on finnish TV. Can you believe! I immediately thought of you. It was very interesting.