Sunday, October 29, 2006

29 october.. foundation of the Turkish Republic

29 of October is the foundation day of the Turkish Republic... 83th year of republic.. following nearly 700 years of Ottoman Empire.. and numerous wars.. the invasion.. following the 1st World War.. and a last Liberation War..
this year the celebration was flooding with light.. I was at the Dolmabahce Palace.. now a museum.. former emperor's residance.. by the Bosphore.. viewing the Bosphorus Bridge.. the view and the atmosphere were fantastic.. there were concerts.. taking place on the sea.. and slide projections on a globe shaped screen.. and there was a crescent moon.. I hope you enjoy the photos.. as much as I did enjoy the celebration..
the turkish public is very sentimental .. about these celebrations.. the crowd was a real mixture of all ages.. grannies were more agitated than the teens..
they had tears in their eyes at some moment.. as they remember these old days.. of chaos.. insecurity.. being members of such a young republic.. they had responsabilities.. and they all are fans of our founder ATATÜRK who is a man of vision.. of passion.. always dreaming of better life for the public.. I know he is not comparable to no other leader.. because of his attention to detail.. in all means..
that is why he is such a loved leader while he was alive.. and even after 68 years of his death.. this is not taboo'ing or worshipping.. this is missing and loving in all senses that we feel towards him..
enjoy your weekend..
maybe you can enjoy this link too .. a little girl of 3 yrs old telling the turkish anthem of 10 quartrains..she is cute..


Sonia said...

Cumhuriyetimizin 83. yili kutlu olsun. Sevgiler Sonia...

Sigrun said...

Hi Pinar, this is very interesting for me to read, last week we made holidays in Istanbul for nine days.

Sigrun from Germany

jessica said...

what a celebration.
my country, hungary was also under the ottoman empire...we have a connection.
we were at reina when we were in turkey, the picture of the bridge looks like to view from reina.

Britt-Arnhild said...

Happy republic day. What a glorious celebration!

The Lone Beader said...

Looks a lot like our 4th of July:)

Connie and Rob said...

Looks like a wonderful celebration. I watched your video clip of the the 3yr old...she really moves something in your heart.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful holiday with us.


dilara said...

eh pınar ,aşkolsun diyeceğ de bravo sana...vakit bulup ingilizce blogu da hazırlayabildiğin için...teşekkürler sana.biliyor musun dil öğrenme konusunda ciddileşmeye başladım...Cumhuriyet bayramımız kutlu olsun.