Sunday, October 22, 2006

the sweet feast..iyi bayramlar..

the seasons and feasts are important in cultures.. religions.. these make tradition.. and gether people ..
fasting is the education of the soul .. by trying not to do anything you usually do.. during daytime..for one months.. just to understand the value of the beauties that surround you.. and how you spoil yourself.. and how weak you are.. and to be thankful .. grateful towards our creator.. a thorough education of your soul..
you don't eat.. don't drink.. don't insult.. don't curse..don't look at people with anger..
ambition.. jealousy..
and at the end of this one month .. you celebrate.. and you spoil yourself.. because you have been so good.. and got your lessons..
this is called the sweet feast..
because.. people prepare candies..chocolates.. sweets for children.. and the kids of the neighbourhood are visiting every house.. even the houses of the persons they don't know.. and collecting their small presents.. and these sweets..
we also visit the cemetaries.. visit our families.. friends..
and this has to be done in an order.. starting from the older persons.. and this goes on 3 three days..
we prepare sweets as gift to take to places we visit.. or desserts..
for me and my means lots of things to do.. starting from the early morning of the first day..
being up early is important.. and the breakfast is important.. my DH goes to buy a special pastry for this breakfast..and when he comes back..the table must be ready..
this has to be a rich table.. a beautiful set.. and while I try to get it ready.. kids have to wash.. and get dressed up some new outfits.. and when their father is back.. they have to take his benediction and also receive some pocketmoney..
then we get out to my mother and father's and my husband's mother cemetaries.. we pray for their soul.. and for all who don't have anyone to pray for them.. we pay for their soul's rest in piece..
then we start by our oldest brother.. and staying for a short time in each house.. we tour the family.. you get older.. and you go out later.. to receive your visitors.. and the evening we all gether in my father-inilaw's house.. and this is a big meeting.. with the presence of children we are 20 people.. it is fun.. and you have to see the kids.. collecting pocketmoney from everyone..and sometimes.. trying to cheat.. and collecting several times from the same persons..
the second day is for visiting friends.. and receiving some reply-visits..
the third day.. just for resting..
we don't go to work.. altough I have to go and see some patients at the will be a short stay..
here is my special tray for this BAYRAM.. my homemade liquor is ready.. and very tasty.. I finally bought the bottle I wanted.. and the small service glass.. is from my mother.. it is made of very very thin glass.. and very tiny.. and the soucoupe is a special one.. it is a lokumluk.. this is traditinally made to serve turkish lokoum ( known as turkish delight) .. and is special with its frilly borders..
come and visit us.. we will be at home on the third day.. for the inexpected visitors..and we will recieve them as our most precious guests.. you are wellcome to join .. enjoy your week..


Mrs. Staggs said...

Thank you very much Pinar, both for your generous sharing of traditions and for the beautiful care you take with your posts.
I enjoy my visits with you and always leave feeling that you've expanded my horizon.

Jill said...

Lovely, all of it!
Thanks for sharing..

Connie and Rob said...

What a wonderful tradition. This will surely help you stay in contact with generations of family that you normally fall out of touch. Your table looks beautiful. I would love to get a taste of some of the

All the best.

Marygrace Semenoff said...

Hello Pinar! I am Sasha's Mother (a.k.a. "The Fan") and I am so glad to have 'found'you through the wonderful blog - here in Canada, we are thrilled to read about your customs and your way of life. I wish you Peace from a new friend in Canada!